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  1. Have you ever wanted to take an image and blur the outer border and make its background transparent? The technique is called feathering, and this brief article will describe how to do it. First, open your image (we'll assume it's an average JPG). Then, under the Layers tab on the right, right-click the Background tab and click Layer from Background. Your image now becomes a Layer. Click to select the Rectangular Marquee Tool in the Toolbar (second from the top in the default toolbar view) or press M. Set the value in the Feather box (in px) controls the dimensions of the border's feathering, e.g., 15px is very slight and 150px will make your border look more capsule-shaped or circular. Use this tool to draw the new border around your image. When you're done, you will notice the corners are rounded according to your Feathering dimensions. Note: to change your Feathering weight, press CTRL+D to get rid of your marquee box and repeat step 2 with a different value in the Feather box. When you're satisfied with your new border, click Select > Inverse in the top menu. This selects the opposite of what you've selected with the Marquee tool, i.e. the outer border (as you will see). Press the DELETE key. Each time you press DELETE you will see the Feathering increase. To undo a step/step backward in your feathering, press CTRL+ALT+Z or click Edit > Step Backward in the top menu (use Step Forward or SHIFT+CTRL+Z to redo your last feather). When you're satisfied, press CTRL+D to get rid of your Marquee box. You now have an image with a feathered border against a transparent background. Note: JPGs do not support transparency, so to preserve your feathering effect you must save your image as either a GIF with transparency or (preferably) as a PNG image. PNG images tend to have more definition and your blurred border will show up much better.
  2. Part of me thinks I should just call this post "Something Else I'm Doing When I Should Be Working"...but I can't resist an interesting language tidbit.
  3. Click your account (i.e. your name and avatar at the upper-right), then select Account Settings from the menu. "Signature" should be listed in the menu on the left.
  4. Hey ford....oopsie! Signature issue fixed. As for the avatar, let me look in to that. I'm not 100% sure the interface was designed for animated GIFs, so that might be the problem. Let me see what I can find out though.
  5. I really really want to get in on this issue but I'm just finishing up a work project that's eating up a lot of my time...so I will post something with more detail later. But for now I want to suggest that there are several "Freud"s...Freud the "scientist," Freud the "literary theorist," Freud the "philosopher" etc. And depending on which one you're interested in, maybe you'll judge psychoanalysis accordingly.
  6. Ok, so my guilty weakness is zombie movies...even the crappiest! There's something about the (even if well-worn) idea of the zombie apocalypse that I always find appealing, and which lets me see beyond some really bad acting and CGI effects in some films at the bottom of the heap. This one looks pretty interesting, even if it is Stephen King (who I am pretty ambivalent about)...
  7. These days it isn't one step forward, two steps back from the wall - it's more like one step toward the wall, then half of one, then a quarter, etc. - Zeno's Dichotomy Paradox without resolution.

    But hey - at least I don't hit the wall.

    1. Tegan Holmes

      Tegan Holmes

      I usually just say that it's a nice day and that i'm looking forward to the weekend gord :P

    2. Gord Barentsen

      Gord Barentsen

      Whether or not I'm a "glass is half full" or "glass is half empty" guy usually depends on what's in the glass to begin with...that, and who's buying the next round. B|

  8. Hey Tegan...welcome to the site! I'm replying from my phone so can't type much right now but post or ask if you have any questions.
  9. Yeah, what he said . Just swipe and select the text of the post you want to quote and the Quote this button should appear.
  10. Hello everyone, One of you asked me about how to embed content (e.g., from Facebook or Youtube), so I thought I'd post about it here. The software will automatically embed linked content from the following sites: College Humor Facebook Flickr Gfycat Google+ Hulu Instagram SoundCloud Spotify Ted Twitter Vimeo Vine YouTube When you're posting, just paste your link in. Please be patient - it may take a few seconds depending on your connection, but the screen will change and display your embedded content and give you the choice of changing it back to a simple link. I haven't tested embedding with all of these sites, but if anyone has any questions please post them in the Help! forum.
  11. Since I'm a total sucker for this kind of POV camerawork (and I'm testing embedded content functions), I thought I'd post this really cool footage of an eagle descending from the world's tallest building in Dubai.
  12. The more I listen to Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress the more annoyed I am that I missed Godspeed You! Black Emperor! live....again >:(

    1. Graham Barnett

      Graham Barnett

      umm Godspeed you black emperor!??

    2. Gord Barentsen

      Gord Barentsen

      GY!BE is a post-rock band out of Montréal, Canada.  For more information:

      Godspeed You! Black Emperor on Wikipedia


  13. Well, at long last, after server migrations, software updates and various species of ghost in the machine, LiquidFractal.org is assuming the (amorphous, indeterminate) shape it was meant to have! Thanks to clients and friends who have patiently waited for the site to get into working order. You people are awesome! More as it happens...
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