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  1. SOrry i haven't been around lately..so I didn't notice downtime. But what is this "significant new feature"?
  2. Well you know Australia has this masculine culture which is centred around alcohol, and I think that it encourages spousal abuse because if you let "your woman" get the upper hand then you lose your status as a male...very stupid. But it's why I'm glad that some bars in cities like Sydney have earlier closing hours.
  3. Hope everyone has a safe and amazing new year!!!

  4. You poor thing...hope it wasn't too bad. My bf and I went to watch fireworks...a few drunkies around but we were surprised at how quiet it was
  5. Id' like this, but I hated that pun...except that I hated it so much I wanted to not like it, but liked the idea of not liking it.
  6. I sued to think Britney Spears was creepy enough but i have changed my mind... That first girl...I thought she was going to go back in and scream at the judges!
  7. Hi Gord can you fix it so that links open in new windows?
  8. I hope everyone has a great holiday and wonderful New Year!

  9. So from what I get from this it means that history can always repeat itself? PS footnotes in forums posts.....you nerd you
  10. "Guide to Cooking on your Car Engine".....not such a bad idea for Oz, especially around Christmas!
  11. I;m sorry....I just cannot watch the singer
  12. It's too much to read....... These kind of things I think are supposed to be funny but not make you sit there for 3 mins. reading everything!
  13. ok all in all i like this theme but the words at the bottom of the first page are a bit ugly..the who is online info. But it is nicer than the first one!
  14. good on ya for explaining that! i always thought the quoting thing was a bit of a pain.. and you still have not explained the writing buttons
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