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  1. SOrry i haven't been around lately..so I didn't notice downtime. But what is this "significant new feature"?
  2. Well you know Australia has this masculine culture which is centred around alcohol, and I think that it encourages spousal abuse because if you let "your woman" get the upper hand then you lose your status as a male...very stupid. But it's why I'm glad that some bars in cities like Sydney have earlier closing hours.
  3. Hope everyone has a safe and amazing new year!!!

  4. You poor thing...hope it wasn't too bad. My bf and I went to watch fireworks...a few drunkies around but we were surprised at how quiet it was
  5. Id' like this, but I hated that pun...except that I hated it so much I wanted to not like it, but liked the idea of not liking it.
  6. Hi Gord can you fix it so that links open in new windows?
  7. I hope everyone has a great holiday and wonderful New Year!

  8. "Guide to Cooking on your Car Engine".....not such a bad idea for Oz, especially around Christmas!
  9. It's too much to read....... These kind of things I think are supposed to be funny but not make you sit there for 3 mins. reading everything!
  10. ok all in all i like this theme but the words at the bottom of the first page are a bit ugly..the who is online info. But it is nicer than the first one!
  11. good on ya for explaining that! i always thought the quoting thing was a bit of a pain.. and you still have not explained the writing buttons
  12. Hello and welcome :). If you are worried about the world being mad it's probably because not enough people are buying Panda cheese
  13. There's a program on telly here called 20 to 1 that has countdowns of things like biggest internet sensations, funniest rated commercials and so forth. This rated fairly high and it's truly funny...
  14. Tegan Holmes


    I think it looks like a white human figure grasping a white object (i just woke up so don't ask me to be articulate!)
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