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  1. LiquidFractal in the new year

    Even though I;m a lowly member I will definitely look forward to seeing what happens...you've come miles with this site (not that the old version was bad, but this is on an entirely new level).
  2. Man Introduces Wife to Gorillas

    pretty amazing stuff! these Lowland Gorillas have so much personality and an intensity all their own.
  3. Introducing LF_Magnum!

    yeah you know you should really be commended on all the work you've put in to this site.. Maybe i said this before but months ago it was an academic nerd site...now it's a full-on professional looking website but it hasn't lost the academic nerdiness that I like about it. Good show
  4. Here is perhaps the greatest argumentative fallacy of all time:
  5. so you think you're philosophical

    this one:
  6. Love the new look!

    Ok...one thing I did notice was that the emoticon menu should probably be in a lighter-coloured window.
  7. New: Sticky Notes!

    Those Sticky Notes are really cute...ok, maybe "cute" is a smarmy word for it but they're really cool.
  8. Love the new look!

    Hey Gord, Gone for a while, back now and whoa! You've really taken the site in a new direction. Just wanted to say I love the new look - it's actually better than anything I've seen here so far!
  9. InsistoCat must be granted entrance!

    Here I was thinking that cats only made those sounds when they were about to get into a fight! Then again...
  10. so you think you're philosophical

    and actually the more i look at that cat picture the more it reminds me of the cover of Sartre's Nausea...just in terms of teh tone.
  11. so you think you're philosophical

    you're new here, aren't you?
  12. Ira Wells, "The Age of Offence"

    and for some reason the scenario i get from this article is like that Simpsons episode where everyone ends up getting offended at each other (and offended over the other person's offense) and it ends up degenderating into anarchy from there!
  13. Ira Wells, "The Age of Offence"

    what a brilliant statement! i think the problem is that we tend to binarize things so much that now we think we are faced with only the two possibilities of the Offendocrats on the one hand and the boors like Trump on the other. wasn't it Chomsky who said at some point that he who slings the mud first always wins?
  14. Jung's concept of the archetype

    Ok so I am undoubtedly jumping back into the thick of this discussion whilst thinking I need a dictionary to keep up with you nerds but I also seem to recall Jung sleeping with one (or several) of his patients, and that Freud used that against him or criticized him for it? Or maybe I'm committing the movie fallacy by taking what I remember seeing in A Dangerous Method at face value..
  15. Welcome to rhlangan!


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