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  1. So since @Graham Barnett's been awfully quiet about trump lately, I thought I'd mention the 220% tariff the Trump administration has levied on Bombardier jets from Quebec being sold to the USA...apparetly Boeing doesn't like this very much at all and have catalyzed some sort of trade war which we in the GWN are none too happy about.
  2. so you think you're philosophical

    and actually the more i look at that cat picture the more it reminds me of the cover of Sartre's Nausea...just in terms of teh tone.
  3. so you think you're philosophical

    you're new here, aren't you?
  4. Ira Wells, "The Age of Offence"

    and for some reason the scenario i get from this article is like that Simpsons episode where everyone ends up getting offended at each other (and offended over the other person's offense) and it ends up degenderating into anarchy from there!
  5. Ira Wells, "The Age of Offence"

    what a brilliant statement! i think the problem is that we tend to binarize things so much that now we think we are faced with only the two possibilities of the Offendocrats on the one hand and the boors like Trump on the other. wasn't it Chomsky who said at some point that he who slings the mud first always wins?
  6. Jung's concept of the archetype

    Ok so I am undoubtedly jumping back into the thick of this discussion whilst thinking I need a dictionary to keep up with you nerds but I also seem to recall Jung sleeping with one (or several) of his patients, and that Freud used that against him or criticized him for it? Or maybe I'm committing the movie fallacy by taking what I remember seeing in A Dangerous Method at face value..
  7. Welcome to rhlangan!

  8. Jung's concept of the archetype

    thanks @rhlangan - but could someone tell me exactly what happened with this freud-jung breakup? I occasionally read of both sides insulting the other so it must have been a doozy, but don't havea real idea as to how it happened..
  9. Welcome to rhlangan!

    @rhlangan hey dude welcome to the site and if i do say so myself your avatar reminds me of Buddy Christ
  10. Blanchot on poetry

    Beautiful! Poetry does nothing but ask questions, even when its making statements or pretending to answer questions.
  11. I did mean to ask....whatever happened to that guy @+_ford_prefect_+?? he hasn't shown his face around here since he got spanked...
  12. Essex Business School

    Although it is pretty businesslike to kill more trees to build a building...

    Not in Gord-time....
  14. The Conference Package

    So did you sniff the highlighters and the USB key too?
  15. Judging from your keyboarding, it seems like you've found the Rapture!


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