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  1. stimmung79

    "Mortality Mural", Frankston

    It's about bloody time children were woken up to mortality and shaken out of their entitlement. Teach them about life and death
  2. stimmung79

    "Mortality Mural": Closeup

    So is it actually called the "Mortality Mural"? It's amazing though
  3. stimmung79

    Mary Jayne - Detail

    I love the texture of this picture! It adds to her face for some odd reason I really like.
  4. That sounds very interesting. By the way...since this is your site, I think you should add a resources site so you can feature your work and articles for download.
  5. stimmung79


    @Gord Barentsen I guess you've been updating the site or something, because all of a sudden when I click the emoticon button i see all these random emojis...? I will go on the record as saying I hate emojis...I find them immature and unbefitting for serious intellectual conversaion (even though I used the emoji version of a rubbershark for the Jaws conversation, but Jaws is anything but intellectual). I see the normal emoticons (which are much more professional) but they are pushed to the bottom of the list. So my suggestion is: please get rid of the emojis...I find them childish. Just my two cents
  6. is it just me or is Jaws a truly terrible movie? 😖

  7. Cos you can never go wrong with bad album covers https://www.designer-daily.com/25-worst-album-covers-2968
  8. Yeah...it always makes me remember this picture I saw around the time Hurricane Katrina hit the USA - a frog sitting on top of a snake swimming frantically across a body of water. It was really powerful: "hey snake! (*#$# our differences - LET'S GET THE )*$#$ OUTTA HERE!"
  9. Even though I;m a lowly member I will definitely look forward to seeing what happens...you've come miles with this site (not that the old version was bad, but this is on an entirely new level).
  10. pretty amazing stuff! these Lowland Gorillas have so much personality and an intensity all their own.
  11. yeah you know you should really be commended on all the work you've put in to this site.. Maybe i said this before but months ago it was an academic nerd site...now it's a full-on professional looking website but it hasn't lost the academic nerdiness that I like about it. Good show
  12. Ok...one thing I did notice was that the emoticon menu should probably be in a lighter-coloured window.
  13. Those Sticky Notes are really cute...ok, maybe "cute" is a smarmy word for it but they're really cool.
  14. Hey Gord, Gone for a while, back now and whoa! You've really taken the site in a new direction. Just wanted to say I love the new look - it's actually better than anything I've seen here so far!
  15. Here I was thinking that cats only made those sounds when they were about to get into a fight! Then again...
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