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  1. Hi everyone,

    It's official - LiquidFractal's new...iteration?  manifestation?  representation? - will be going live January 1, 2018!

    Of course, the site's public areas and forums chatter have been around for ages and will still be there.  But in the new year I hope to have everything else in place: tutoring rates, information on contract editing/proofreading/technical writing work, as well as the storefront.

    I will also be introducing a Referrals program.  So if you're a client (tutor, editing or otherwise) refer someone else who becomes a client, you get reward points which can go towards free tutoring hours, resources, or maybe even some free stuff.  Not a client?  If you're a Member who refers someone who becomes a client, you will also earn Referral points for stuff in the future.

    More soon!  As always, I enthusiastically welcome any and all suggestions you may have.

     And psst...tell your friends. :wave:

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    So I thought I'd try something out of my normal writing zone - an ongoing blog about the upcoming Holism Conference in Sept.  I'll do my best to take pictures and post them in a linked photo album when I can get to my laptop. 

    I'm particularly interested in what contemporary perspectives on Jung are presented there, as my own views are somewhat radical and fly in the face of much orthodox writing on analytical psychology  (typically from analysts). More to come! 

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    Blogs allow you to record your thoughts, observations, and insights while you work.  Link a Blog entry with an existing media album to add visuals to inspire your writing.

  • Think About It...

    With respect to existing, there is only the learner, for anyone who fancies that he is in this respect finished, that he can teach others and on top of that himself forgets to exist and to learn, is a fool. In relation to existing there is for all existing persons one schoolmaster - existence itself.

    Søren Kierkegaard  

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