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    LiquidFractal is an independent website devoted to ideas - to thinking, learning, and research at all levels and for people form all walks of life.  it's an an online community for everyone interested in learning and sharing knowledge.

    Having hosted academic reading groups and special topic seminars since 2008, and now rebooted with state of the art CMS software, it also aims to host many diverse communities interested in topics in the arts & humanities, sciences, and, well, just about anything.  Forums, media galleries, wiki-style articles, calendar, blogs, file center, and even a small chat room...everything you need is here.

    If you're a student (or students) interested in starting a regular reading group or special discussion group, this is the place for you.

    LiquidFractal is (and always will be) free to join - so whether you're a high school student, undergraduate, grad student, doctorate, postdoctoral student, out of school or retired, sign up for a free account and join a growing community of people interested in ideas.

    Everything you're interested in can be found under the Content tab, above.  Click About for more information on site's concept and history, and if you're wondering: why "liquidfractal?" (with a bit of eye-candy thrown in).

    LiquidFractal has some great features to help enable writing: check out the Site News & Information blog for site development news and helpful tips on using the site (like using the footnotes and instant multiple quoting using Quote This).  Click the help tag to filter all the useful tips.

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