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  • The Success Wall

    The Success Wall is where many of LiquidFractal's most notable tuition and client project achievements are posted for all to see.  Assessments and project outcomes are recorded here, as well as some of the very kind words of appreciation I've received over the years from grateful students, parents, and clients (reproduced here as-is, with minor typos uncorrected).

    While I'm proud to have assisted each one of these clients to such excellent outcomes, they really deserve all the credit for being outstanding learners, as well as being nothing short of wonderful to work with.  At the end of the day the work, the finished product, and the rewards are theirs!

    This is not a complete list as some students/clients have requested their details not be published here.  LiquidFractal respects their privacy.



    Maria finished the school year with the highest English score in her school! Amazing work! 


    I wanted to say massive thank you for all our sessions this year, they have been very engaging and fruitful. I received a study score of 46 in English, the highest in my school this year. Once again, thank you very much for your consistent support and guidance!

    Yexuan ends the school year cleaning up with several top grades: 86/100 on his English Advanced Trial, followed by 24/25 for second term English Extension 1 exam (essays on Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "Kubla Khan" and "Eolian Harp" as well as Ursula K. Le Guin's Left Hand of Darkness)...and he didn't stop there, topping it all off with 90/100 for Band 6 in English Advanced and 45/50 for Band 6 in English Extension 1!  Great presents ahead of the holiday season!

    Viana tops the list once again with a 10/10 on her book report.  Well done!

    Nic had some great outcomes: 80% on his comparative study of Shakespeare's Othello and the film The Dark Knight (2008), 85% on his essay on Islam exploring the idea of Mohammed as a model of Islamic submission; and, finally, 90% on his Modern History essay on the formative experiences of Communism in the Czech Republic.  Great work!

    Catherine received a nice end-of-term gift: an 88% on her 3rd-year undergraduate essay on Shakespeare's As You Like It and Titus Andronicus. A mark worth celebrating!


    Just wanted to message and tell you that I got 88% for the Shakespeare essay! Just wanted to say thank you so much for your time and valuable feedback! 

    Viana received a perfect (10/10) score on her language analysis project. Excellent!  Keep up the great work!



    Catherine received a PWD (Pass With Distinction) for her 3000-word 3rd-year undergraduate essay on Shakespeare and textual revision.  Great work!

    Yexuan achieved an outstanding 28/30 on his multimodal slideshow presentation ("Narratives Shape Our World") examining Sophocles' Antigone and Kamila Shamsie's Home Fire.  He also received a grade of 18/20 on his Year 12 Advanced English oral discourse on the modernist poetry of Rosemary Dobson.  Keep up the great work, Yexuan! 

    Maria received a grade of 100% on her persuasive speech on the topic of book banning!  Excellent work, Maria!



    I received these kind words from the father of one of my students this year:


    Abirami has been interested in and passionate about reading from a very young age, and she had chosen to do English literature with a great deal of enthusiasm. It was only with the tutoring sessions she had with you that we so traces of the old interest resurfacing. Both R. and I want to specially thank you for that too, above everything else.  It was a pleasure knowing you - I'm sure Abirami would love to come and meet you some time.



    Alexei scored second in his English class across the entire year!  Way to go, Alexei!  Alexei's mother later wrote this to me:


    I would just like to say how thankful I am for your involvement in supporting Alexei over the past two years of his schooling. I feel that he has made tremendous progress in English and has completed all the requirements for the subject to the best of his capacity and with minimal stress. This is hugely appreciated!


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