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  1. General

    1. The Lounge

      General chatter, banter, rantings and ravings.  Note: Plans to take over one or more countries, and/or the universe in general, are welcome here (especially if set to a cool soundtrack).

    2. The Cage...

      A step beyond the political incorrectness of the VIP Room - a restricted-access forum featuring the seeder, more lurid (and probably funnier) side of the Intardnets.  Not for public consumption!

    3. Suggestions

      Have any suggestions?  Something you would like to see or dislike about the site?  Post it here.

    4. Help!

      Confused?  Need to know more about how something works?  Ask your question in this Q/A forum.

      Hint: look for posts tagged help in the Site News blog for more hints.

  2. Arts & Humanities

    1. The Arts Café

      A general discussion forum for Arts & Humanities related stuff: events, conferences, books, TV, film, etc.

    2. Philosophy

      Do you think philosophy is mere Kant?  Wanna haggle about Hegel?  Find Schelling compelling?  Does A = A after all?  Are you a budding Deleuzian of grandeur?  Does reality make no différance?  Or do you just want to talk about the meaning of life (or the life of Brian)?  This is the place for you.

    3. Language Nerds Unite!

      Who says there's no love of language anymore any more?  Interested in walking the path of good comma?  Ashamed to show others your dangling participles?  Do you think puns are the lowest (or highest) forms of expression?  Here you'll find writing tips, information on fundamental grammar rules and rhetoric, and discussions of all the strange and interesting things going on in the language(s) we take for granted everyday every day!

    4. Music

      What moves you?  Talk about your favourite (or not so favourite) bands, artists, songs etc.

    5. "IF I HAD MY OWN COUNTRY I'D...": Politics & Religion

      You guessed it - a forum for those kinds of discussions.  Opinions about politics and religion can be passionate, and so can the language used to express them.  Enter at your own risk!

  3. Tutor Client Resources

    1. Essay Writing Discussion

      General information and discussion about how to write persuasively, how to structure an argument, and how to research effectively.

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