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Discussion forums for the arts & humanities: philosophy, literature, religion etc.


The Arts Café

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A general discussion forum for Arts & Humanities related stuff: events, conferences, books, TV, film, etc.


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Do you think philosophy is mere Kant?  Wanna haggle about Hegel?  Find Schelling compelling?  Are you Heideggerian by Dasein?  Does A = A after all?  Are you a budding Deleuzian of grandeur?  Does reality make no différance?  Or do you just want to talk about the meaning of life (or the life of Brian)?  This is the place for you.

Who says there's no love of language anymore any more?  Interested in walking the path of good comma?  Do you think puns are the lowest (or highest) forms of expression?  Here you'll find writing tips, information on fundamental grammar rules and rhetoric, and discussions of all the strange and interesting things going on in the language(s) we take for granted everyday every day!


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What moves you?  Talk about your favourite (or not so favourite) bands, artists, songs etc.

You guessed it - a forum for those kinds of discussions.  Abortion, atheism, socialism, free trade, Liberals, Labor, the environment, capitalism...all the topics which raise the hackles, boil the blood and provoke passionate debate can be found here.

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    If you tell people the truth you'd better make them laugh or they'll kill you.

    Charles Ludlam  

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