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Privacy Policy

LiquidFractal takes your personal and online privacy very seriously and will never sell, trade or otherwise divulge your personal information to anyone.

As a registered Member or Tutor Client it is your sole responsibility to determine what personal information will be made public on LiquidFractal.  Members should keep in mind that information posted on their profile may be indexed by search engines.

LiquidFractal retains the right to excerpt brief passages from feedback and responses to use in a promotional or testimonial capacity.  In such cases, the Member or Client's name will be redacted and/or changed to protect their privacy.  Usually, in these cases the original poster will be asked to provide brief contact details (e.g., first name and email) for authenticity, but is not required to do so.  Refusing to provide this information will in no way affect said Member or Client's status on LiquidFractal.

If you think your privacy has been breached on the site, contact an administrator as soon as possible with details.

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About LiquidFractal

LiquidFractal is an open-learning website proudly devoted to the cultivation of bright students, intelligent minds, and the fun and productive exchange of ideas to lead us collectively into the future.  Please click About for more information on the site's philosophy, goals and values, as well as answers to Frequently Asked Questions.  Click Professional Services, above, to learn about the services I offer.

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