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Please read these Terms of Registration carefully – if you register here or browse the site as a guest you acknowledge and accept these terms, as well as the site Guidelines and Privacy Policy.  For our purposes here, "LiquidFractal" means the site, its owners, and/or its operators.


  • LiquidFractal is not responsible for the content of any messages posted. We endeavor to remove any objectionable content or content that violates copyright laws (and the poster where appropriate), but the individual poster bears sole responsibility for the content they post on this website.
  • Content posted expresses the thoughts and opinions of the poster and not necessarily those of LiquidFractal. If you find something objectionable, please flag it on the website for review.
  • Posters retain control over their own intellectual property on LiquidFractal. This means that if you post your work here for discussion and feedback you can delete it (or request it be deleted). You should also ask the original poster's permission before copying their material or posting it elsewhere.
  • LiquidFractal is dedicated to freedom of speech and the right of posters to express their opinions.  This means that you may come across graphic and/or foul language, which is neither filtered nor deleted on this site.  The assumption is that we are all mature individuals and can either disagree with or ignore views whose content (or expression of that content) we disagree with.  This said, personal attacks and attacks made on specific groups that are gratuitously hateful (e.g., comments made without interest in advancing a reasonably intellectual position or argument) will be removed and the poster will be reprimanded or banned as necessary.
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  • If you are a Tutoring Client, by registering as a Client you acknowledge and accept the Tutor Client terms of service, viewable under the Professional Services tab.
  • LiquidFractal takes no responsibility for loss of any information or site content due to use or misuse of any of its services through acts of god, server or software malfunction, loss of internet connectivity or any other circumstance.  Members are encouraged to make backups of important content posted on the site.


In addition:


  • You are strongly encouraged to add this site your email whitelist to ensure you receive notifications.  All emails from this site are from LiquidFractal so you can filter accordingly.  Alternatively, please add the email address lf_admin@liquidfractal.org to your whitelist (contact me for assistance if you don't know how to do this).  The very occasional emails may contain important information regarding site downtime and other events.  LiquidFractal does not assume any responsibility for failed appointments due to unread site emails.  Because this site is independently owned and funded, you will never receive advertisement emails or spam from LiquidFractal.
  • Please read the Site Guidelines and Privacy Policy, available in the top menu and bottom of the page.


Once you create an account, you must validate it by clicking a link sent to the email address you used for registration.  If you do not validate your account in seven days it will be deleted and you will have to re-register.  You may be required to post once or twice before full Membership is granted.  You may also be required to participate more in the community before downloading privileges are granted.

All images on the site are understood to be in the public domain.  If you see anything on the site that is not public domain, please report it to the Administrator.

Welcome and have fun! 


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About LiquidFractal

LiquidFractal is a proudly nerdified, independently owned and operated website which is unaffiliated with any educational institution.  Aside from its existence as a professional teaching, learning, writing and research site, LiquidFractal is an online environment where our members negotiate cerebral issues, blood-boiling passionate debate, politically incorrect nonsense, breathtaking hilarity and the requisite minimum number of memes and funny cat pictures required to exist online in the 21st century.  Oh...and zombies.

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