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  2. Hello everyone, I've been busy behind the scenes updating the website software (with all the rigamarole that involves), but wanted to post some sort of an update as to what will be going on this year. I've been invited to contribute a Psychology chapter to the upcoming Palgrave-Macmillan Handbook of German Idealism and Poststructuralism! This text will be coming out some time next year, so this year a lot of time will be spent reading and researching before I begin writing. I'll post updates as I go for those of you who are interested. Romantic Metasubjectivity has also been submitted to Routledge for publication! Well, almost...the wheels of academic turn slowly indeed so it's still being considered by the publisher, but I have a solid endorsement from key Schellingians in the field and the editor of Routledge's Philosophy and Psychoanalysis series, so here's hoping it's just a matter of dotting the Is and crossing the Ts until a contract is formally offered. Apart from that, I have an article waiting to be revised and several other books waiting to be read...and Hegel. Hegel is always here....now I know what they mean when they refer to "The Spectre of Hegel." 😀 Hope this update finds everyone well. More as it happens!
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  5. Looking forward to the inaugural meeting of he Dialectical Realism Research Group this Friday! 🤓

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    Skype session (1 hr.)
  7. That's amazing...I haven't tacked Either/Or yet but who is writing that exactly? I mean in Either/or since Kierkegaard was a pseudonymous writer? and why wouldn't memory instill hope? isn't that all we have for going forward into a future that we can't know?
  8. well right now I dabble in Sartre but without the time presently in my own existence to read anything heavy (oh, the irony)...more of the existentialist mindset in my own life right now. I have read some Kierkegaard though.
  9. Your site looks good (if empty)....waht do you read if I may ask?
  10. Here's an interesting article I came across which I wanted to post. It is a review of Jeremy Waldron's The Harm in Hate Speech (2013). Public Hostility | Literary Review of Canada REVIEWCANADA.CA Many modern constitutional democracies, including Canada, have prohibited what is colloquially known as hate speech—the expression of views about minority groups for the purpose of vilifying or fostering... Here are a couple of interesting passages from the article: So I think that is Michael Plaxton unpacking Waldron's argument. What do you all think about this?
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  12. Duly noted. Since I'm a relatively-recently converted cat person, I also want to post some pics of my beloved (And RIP one year now) cat Seven.
  13. I cant believe I only saw this now....brilliant! scared the shit out of me I think they also made a movie out of this concept: Lights Out (2016) - IMDb WWW.IMDB.COM Directed by David F. Sandberg. With Teresa Palmer, Gabriel Bateman, Maria Bello, Billy Burke. Rebecca must unlock the terror behind her little brother's experiences that once tested her sanity, bringing her face to face with a...
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    thank you

    Welcome to the site! i will check out your blog when i can (there is no first post yet )
  15. You are welcome sir. Anything I can do to help promote the arts and humanities in an age of terminal scientocracy...
  16. As far as the mobile phone display goes, it's a bit of a crap shoot depending on the size of the original image, portrait vs. landscape orientation etc. I know it's a very un-Google thing for me to say but the site works best on desktop.
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    Hmm...weird. Have you tried toggling the Bold option for your text? And what browser are you using?
  20. There should be a Topic Logo button near the top of your new forums post screen. As @NotWithoutMyOntic said, try it out in the Sandbox and let me know if you don't see it.
  21. estranger.

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    Since I'm new here I thought I would ask: why is all my text in bold when I enter forums posts? I check the editor but the B isn't highlighted.
  22. No more video....yet another consciousness denied haha...
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