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    Swanston St. & La Trobe St.
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    Swanston St. & La Trobe St.
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  5. PS I love slides 8,9, and 13. 13 is about as economical as it gets!
  6. Well our transition month is September. There's a 21st century saying that if you really want to know what someone is really like, watch how they react to the internet being down. My poor wife 😐
  7. I remember a couple of interesting buildings in Toronto (some residences as that mutant growth on ROM) but apart from that I found Toronto kinda dull. Melbourne on the other hand has some great architecture on Swanston north tut toward UniMelb and I always enjoy walking around there .
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    Swanston St. & La Trobe St.
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    Swanston St. & La Trobe St.
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    Ballarat, VIC
  14. In my opinion, there's a qualitative difference between saying "I don't believe in God" and "God doesn't exist"/"people who believe in God are delusional." For me, the first is a perfectly credible statement; the second involves indefensible ontological and epistemological assumptions.
  15. I found this pretty interesting...use of space in some cases is, well, not what id want but innovative nevertheless! https://www.msn.com/en-au/money/homeandproperty/surreal-estate-the-world’s-most-unusual-properties/ss-AAxInOe?ocid=spartandhp#image=10
  16. yeah thats part of it but despite what atheists say there are different kinds with different beliefs...just like any religion 😄
  17. So in my evening news rovings I came across this: Model's nude photoshoot in front of Jerusalem's sacred Western Wall causes controversy but what I think should have really been singled out are here responses: And yes I was the one who underlined the disgrace! 😣
  18. stimmung79

    "Mortality Mural", Frankston

    It's about bloody time children were woken up to mortality and shaken out of their entitlement. Teach them about life and death
  19. stimmung79

    "Mortality Mural": Closeup

    So is it actually called the "Mortality Mural"? It's amazing though
  20. stimmung79

    Mary Jayne - Detail

    I love the texture of this picture! It adds to her face for some odd reason I really like.
  21. I always thought that atheists were simply defined by the lack of belief in a personified God.
  22. I've seen DP2 and it's hilarious! I realise how useless this post is since I refuse to give up spoilers, but I suggest everyone here go and see it!
  23. is it really so wrong to be drunk on a Tuesday?

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    Swanston St. & La Trobe St.
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    Swanston St. & La Trobe St.
  26. Gord Barentsen


  27. i actually really hate superhero movies because they're really boring but i liked Deadpool! 😺
  28. well i think there are some atheists who just think the world is larger than any science or ideology can explain...any real scientist will tell you that.
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