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  2. This E-Voucher covers the cost of a priority turnaround (<24 hrs.) on a project totalling 2000 words or less.  For more complicated projects or projects above 2000 words, please contact me directly for more information.

    This E-Voucher must be purchased in addition to the hours required for editing/proofreading your project.

    Please do not purchase this surcharge in advance without prior consultation, as I cannot guarantee priority availability at any given time.

    VIP Tutor Clients and VIP Clients may be exempt from this priority surcharge; please contact me for details.

    LiqudFractal reserves the right to reassess this priority fee on a case-by-case basis.  This fee is subject to change without notice.

  3. Gord Barentsen

    The First X-Ray

    The first ever X-ray image was taken in 1895 by Wilhelm Röntgen, awarded the first Nobel Prize in Physics, 1901. The image of his wife Bertha's hand (wedding ring clearly visible) propelled Röntgen into an international celebrity. Röntgen named the discovery X-rays, after the mathematical term "X" which denotes something unknown. (Photo and caption by Nobel Prize Institute)
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