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  3. terrible album covers

    Oh...my. I went from this to this in the space of just a few albums (and I'm pretty jaded about these things!)....
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  5. MSCP course "Friedrich Schelling and 'Philosophical Psychology'" came to its purposeful end last night.  Great success!

  6. terrible album covers

    Cos you can never go wrong with bad album covers https://www.designer-daily.com/25-worst-album-covers-2968
  7. The difficulty is the point (teaching lit)

    Fucking BRILLIANT.
  8. "Schelling and 'Philosophical Psychology'" summer course

    Nah it's a paid course. I'd love to hear th lectures but quite frankly don't have the money for it. I'll wait for the book!
  9. Words you thought you knew....

    Holy crap! I was absolutely sure of "enormity"....I feel insecure now. Hug?
  10. Man Introduces Wife to Gorillas

    Yeah...it always makes me remember this picture I saw around the time Hurricane Katrina hit the USA - a frog sitting on top of a snake swimming frantically across a body of water. It was really powerful: "hey snake! (*#$# our differences - LET'S GET THE )*$#$ OUTTA HERE!"
  11. Words you thought you knew....

    The enormity of my misuse of "enormity" has an enormousness which is simply staggering.
  12. Man Introduces Wife to Gorillas

    This is one of the best videos i've ever seen! i don't think anyone should underestimate the bonds that can be formed between humans and other animals...i've seen clips of lions and tigers playing with the humans who helped raise them after years of not seeing them. an amazing reminder that we are part of the natural world and can learn a lot from our animal friends.
  13. Hosted Space: "Schelling and 'Philosophical Psychology'"

    Gord that's amazing!!! I wish i had time to subscribe to your course, but I'm bang on with work right now and just don't have the time to read these days but i LOVE what you did with the site! i leave for a few months, come back and it's completely transformed! you've really made the site 'pop' and it's great!
  14. Man Introduces Wife to Gorillas

    Wow.,....can't believe I missed this! Wait a minute...yeah, I can. At any rate, this is an amazing video...makes me wonder when "gorilla" is going to disappear from the Junior OED...
  15. Words you thought you knew....

    I came upon this great slideshow at dictionary.com and just had to post it here.
  16. Hello, I'm pleased to announce that LiquidFractal, with the permission of the MSCP, is hosting the online space for "Schelling and 'Philosophical Psychology'," a summer course lasting from Jan-Feb 2018 and run through the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy. You can get to it in the SPACES menu above, but only registered members can access its content. If you're interested in enrolling for this or any other course offered by the MSCP, please visit their website here: Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy. All courses are available for distance enrollment and are made available as downloadable recordings.
  17. Man Introduces Wife to Gorillas

    ahahahahaah....well who's gonna take it away from him i wonder? not me...
  18. The difficulty is the point (teaching lit)

    I've had a couple of teachers who got a bit chuffed at the idea of education beign referred to as a knowledge industry, but you can't ignore the facts especially at the uni level
  19. I am still finding this hard to believe, but here it is: https://www.change.org/p/oxford-university-press-nature-related-words-should-be-reinstated-in-the-junior-oxford-english-dictionary
  20. "Schelling and 'Philosophical Psychology'" summer course

    Very cool mate! Can you post any of it here (at risk of sounding like a cheapskate )?
  21. happy Kwanza-festimas!

    Happy festimas to everyone as well. I'd be somewhat more cheerful, but the past couple of weeks have been occupied with less than festive things - among them our beloved cat, who is about to pass away.
  22. happy Kwanza-festimas!

    oy, thought I'd wish everyone a Merry Christmas but in this PC age was wondering if I should even say anything about Person Christmas Anyway happy holidays (the safest thing to say!) to everyone!
  23. The difficulty is the point (teaching lit)

    Gord i read this today and thought of you, even though you're a Canuck https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/dec/24/the-difficulty-is-the-point-teaching-spoon-fed-students-how-to-really-read figured i would just point out my favourite quotes from this article so you can suss out the general argument: (I can attest to that one above!) and maybe one of my faves: happy [insert your favourite nondiscriminatory holiday word here]!
  24. couldn't resist posting this...

    Pretty much says it all in this day and age! http://wheninacademia.tumblr.com/post/129518725904/when-there-is-only-one-job-available-in-your
  25. I wonder if there's anything like the "Fake News Fallacy" by now, given the age of Trump? Or maybe the "fundamentalist crackpot" fallacy?
  26. Hi everyone, I've been accepted to teach a summer school course at the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy (MSCP) beginning Monday 15 Jan. 2018 and going for two hours each Monday for five weeks. The course is called "Schelling and 'Philosophical Psychology'," and you can read the description here: https://mscp.org.au/courses/summer-school-2018#course1
  27. Man Introduces Wife to Gorillas

    LOL @ that business with the hat
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