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  1. I read this and couldn't help sharing it here. Would be interested in the collective opinions. https://thelogicofscience.com/2016/04/12/dying-the-way-that-nature-intended-appeal-to-nature-fallacies/
  2. Hope everyone is staying safe in life under COVID. How is everyone doing?
  3. Im thinking of Wordsworth's Prelude. He said it was "the growth of a poet's mind.," so....
  4. So...given the current state of Trump America, is it possible for the country to sublate its current circumstances to a higher plateau of knowledge?
  5. Well not sure about that mate. Language shapes the way we see the world so if changes made in language last long enough they will soak into our consciousnesses and make us perceive the world differently, right?
  6. But don't people choose to be intimidated?
  7. Since it's your birthday.....happy birthday @Gord Barentsen!
  8. A colleague of mine saw this and passed it along to me and it seems very fitting for you @Gord Barentsen !! (not because you write erotica tho 😄) How my erotic article sparked a witch hunt WWW.TES.COM A raunchy article that he'd written for a website landed Guy Doza in trouble at school. Now he asks: do we have to surrender civil liberties to become teachers?
  9. Very cool...this saves the term "unique snowflake" for me which I began to hate when I heard it applied to everyone 😫
  10. A fractal generator which I thought is perfectly suitable for this site!
  11. Hogwash. DOnt we already have aesthetics everywhere in life? rituals? i can think of a million things wrong with this perspective which seems to take a narrow view on what "aesthetics is! Not everyone who has daily "rituals" is succumbing to a fascist will.
  12. Universities must accept China's directives on Confucius Institutes, contracts reveal Universities must accept China's directives on Confucius Institutes, contracts reveal WWW.SMH.COM.AU Previously undisclosed contracts between Australian universities and the Chinese government reveal varying approaches to safeguarding academic autonomy. The first paragraph says it all "Australian universities hosting Chinese government-funded education centres have signed agreements explicitly stating they must comply with Beijing's decision-making authority over teaching at the facilities."
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