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    Swanston St. & La Trobe St.
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    Swanston St. & La Trobe St.
  3. PS I love slides 8,9, and 13. 13 is about as economical as it gets!
  4. Well our transition month is September. There's a 21st century saying that if you really want to know what someone is really like, watch how they react to the internet being down. My poor wife 😐
  5. I remember a couple of interesting buildings in Toronto (some residences as that mutant growth on ROM) but apart from that I found Toronto kinda dull. Melbourne on the other hand has some great architecture on Swanston north tut toward UniMelb and I always enjoy walking around there .
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    Swanston St. & La Trobe St.
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    Swanston St. & La Trobe St.
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  10. Gord Barentsen


    Ballarat, VIC
  11. In my opinion, there's a qualitative difference between saying "I don't believe in God" and "God doesn't exist"/"people who believe in God are delusional." For me, the first is a perfectly credible statement; the second involves indefensible ontological and epistemological assumptions.
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    Swanston St. & La Trobe St.
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    Swanston St. & La Trobe St.
  14. Gord Barentsen


  15. I find these quotes wonderfully ambivalent. CS is rightly ambivalent about dismissing the idea of God outright, but then seems to rely on his own knowledge to suggest there's no such thing as an afterlife.

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