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  1. terrible album covers

    in case you had't guessed ive been cleaning out old email and posting random bits here http://www.coverbrowser.com/covers/worst-album-covers
  2. Why camera angles are so important

    Should make you think twice before taking a happy snap
  3. "Lights Out"

    not exactly zombies but still pretty bonza for a horror clip
  4. so you think you're philosophical

    but if it has to choose it can have neither too much nor too little choice - just the right amount to make the choice. check and mate, mate
  5. Curve

    yeah i would go with scorpion tail....or cat tail...or the tail of a scorpion-cat!
  6. Welcome to rhlangan!

    LOL i didnt know what Buddy Christ was till i googled it oh yeah....welcome mate
  7. I always thought it was the "put your opponents to sleep so no one disagrees with you" argument - i've had many a lecturer who uses that
  8. The Conference Package

    You book sniffing highlighter carrying nerd you
  9. Essex Business School

    that looks like too neat a building to house a business school if you ask me ... Is that the only environmentally friendly building there or are they doing it across the entire campus?
  10. Student Accomodation, University of Essex

    why do I think of Norway or Sweden when i look at those buildings.?

    You know it only takes a minute to post something

    Good on ya mate....CONGRATULATIONS!
  13. Graham Barnett

  14. Nietzsche on Christianity and beatitude

    So what for Nietzche is a self-assured nature?
  15. 22000 People Agree to Clean Toilets for Wifi...

    Yeah who can be bothered...but the article is absolutely spot on


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