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  1. Moreover someone give me one example of any big human problem being solved by just changing language.
  2. So I read this article: Online store removes 'racist' t-shirt from site WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK An online store has removed t-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “It’s okay to be white” after public backlash. The shirts were sold on Trade Me, a New Zealand auction website, by the manufacturer VJM about how an online vendor banned sales of a shirt with the "It's OK to be white" slogan on it. personally i think this whole thing is stupid - so far as I know the phrase wasn't racist until it was piked up by certain right-wing groups, so there's no reason to censor out of fear and a narrow understanding. BTW i'm posting this here because i think it's a matter of language primarily and not politics
  3. That does look pretty psychedelic...makes me a bit dizzy
  4. That's truly amazing ...that shark looks positively Jokerish! 😲
  5. lol how long have you had this site? and you never thought to put up your travel pics?
  6. ah never mind mate it was just a sticky button on my laptop or something...works fine now.
  7. right now i'm using opera and when i click the picture icon nothing happens.
  8. Graham Barnett

    Good Grammar Is Went

    lol....I never caught "PIN Number" until I read it here.
  9. Hey Gord...can't change my background image when I click the picture icon at the top of the screen. am I missing something?
  10. Wow finally another blog post. and congrats @Keigan..way to go mate (no idea though what a STAT exam is tho) happy new year to everyone here too. (still recovering...)
  11. Am I the only one who thinks that James Bond movies are still off the shelf crap?
  12. ok, i'll bite....what are those assumptions?
  13. @chacheng OK but if we're part of Nature than maybe we can change this? steer Nature in other directions?
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