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  1. Man Introduces Wife to Gorillas

    ahahahahaah....well who's gonna take it away from him i wonder? not me...
  2. The difficulty is the point (teaching lit)

    I've had a couple of teachers who got a bit chuffed at the idea of education beign referred to as a knowledge industry, but you can't ignore the facts especially at the uni level
  3. "Schelling and 'Philosophical Psychology'" summer course

    Very cool mate! Can you post any of it here (at risk of sounding like a cheapskate )?
  4. I wonder if there's anything like the "Fake News Fallacy" by now, given the age of Trump? Or maybe the "fundamentalist crackpot" fallacy?
  5. Love the new look!

    it's already white for me...
  6. Introducing LF_Magnum!

    I. love. the new skin. it's totally transformed your site mate
  7. "My father always said 'Never trust anyone whose television is bigger than their bookshelf'" - Emilia Clarke (yes Daenerys Targaryen )
  8. so you think you're philosophical

    What cover are we talking about?
  9. New: Sticky Notes!

    So where are these Sticky Notes?
  10. Ira Wells, "The Age of Offence"

    the problem with all this of course is that no one can actually prove offence yeah? proving that one is personally outraged and offended by something is right up there with proving to someone you have a headache or that god exists.

    If there was a line in this convo, you just crossed it
  12. terrible album covers

    in case you had't guessed ive been cleaning out old email and posting random bits here http://www.coverbrowser.com/covers/worst-album-covers
  13. "Lights Out"

    not exactly zombies but still pretty bonza for a horror clip
  14. so you think you're philosophical

    but if it has to choose it can have neither too much nor too little choice - just the right amount to make the choice. check and mate, mate
  15. Curve

    yeah i would go with scorpion tail....or cat tail...or the tail of a scorpion-cat!

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