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  1. if anyone else has seen Deadpool they know how bloody funny it is...hopefully DP2 will keep it up. This trailer looks hopeful...
  2. so how did that course go? sounds intereting but not sure i have the head for all that geeky philosophy stuff.
  3. Mate youre about to recieve the official welcome to Australian internet...a step behind Lithuania in almost every way. sorry for the bad typing but cant' wake up this am
  4. I think almost all of them are from the 1970s and 1980s...but i think if you made a thread about worst music videos you would get a lot from the last 20 yrs
  5. ahahahahaah....well who's gonna take it away from him i wonder? not me...
  6. I've had a couple of teachers who got a bit chuffed at the idea of education beign referred to as a knowledge industry, but you can't ignore the facts especially at the uni level
  7. Very cool mate! Can you post any of it here (at risk of sounding like a cheapskate )?
  8. I wonder if there's anything like the "Fake News Fallacy" by now, given the age of Trump? Or maybe the "fundamentalist crackpot" fallacy?
  9. I. love. the new skin. it's totally transformed your site mate
  10. "My father always said 'Never trust anyone whose television is bigger than their bookshelf'" - Emilia Clarke (yes Daenerys Targaryen )
  11. So where are these Sticky Notes?
  12. the problem with all this of course is that no one can actually prove offence yeah? proving that one is personally outraged and offended by something is right up there with proving to someone you have a headache or that god exists.
  13. If there was a line in this convo, you just crossed it

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