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LiquidFractal offers professional English tutoring, technical writing, proofreading, and editing services, as well as a community of individuals interested in the fun and stimulating exchange of ideas. Click through the next windows to find out more about what LiquidFractal can do for you!

High-calibre English Tutoring

Open up new possibilities for learning with professional tutoring in grammar, vocabulary, essay writing, literary studies, philosophy and theory...all with the help of an awarded, published English Ph.D. based in the Melbourne suburbs. I am familiar with the official VCAA literature list for the English VCE.

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Professional Technical Writing

Balance word and image with an experienced Instructional Designer who has written documentation for Fortune 500 companies and government departments. I can decipher, document and describe your product to a wider audience.

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Editing and Proofreading

As a published writer who has edited and proofread everything from high-school essays to philosophy journals, doctoral dissertations and books, I will help you craft your document or project into a sophisticated and graceful argument or presentation.

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Join Our Community

LiquidFractal is pleased to offer discussion forums, blogs and media galleries to serve a growing community of people interested in the fun and interesting exchange of ideas. Have a reading group? Host it here for free. Nerds welcome!

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  • Professional English Tutoring

    Whether you're thinking of a career in nursing, psychology, literary studies, the STEM disciplines, economics, or accounting — all careers have one thing in common: you need the ability to express your ideas clearly and logically.  Learning about how your language works is one of the most practical things one can do — an effective command of your language convinces people to listen to your ideas, arguments and opinions, and yes, even hire you.

    That's where I come in.  As a Ph.D. in English with a proven publication and editing history, I am pleased to offer professional tutoring to clients living from Frankston/Mt. Eliza to the Melbourne CBD and Bayside suburbs.  If you aren't sure if you're in this area, please get in touch - I'm sure we can work something out.

    Here are only some of the skills I offer, and can help you develop:

    VCE English Preparation

    I am familiar with the VCAA English and English as an Additional Language (EAL) text and film list for 2018 (I've taught some of them at university level), and can help you navigate and develop central issues in the books and films while you study for your VCE exam in English.  We can discuss issues and questions in-person and online, and if you have your own Learning Domain you can collect media and information to give your research breadth and depth.

    Academic English

    Academic English is what you're expected to use when writing university-level essays, theses, and giving oral presentations.  Academic English is used to express the thoughtful relationship between ideas with an objectivity and critical distance that one doesn't normally hear in everyday English.  It also relies on a field's specialised vocabulary, and writing that top essay will require a command of that vocabulary.

    Academic English can sometimes pose a challenge for students whose first language is not English, or students who have difficulty adopting a more formal tone in expressing their ideas.  That's where I come in!

    Some people say there are easy rules to writing academic English, but with any language it ultimately comes down to one thing: experience.  The more you write in an academic English tone, the more you learn it.  I have the tools and the experience to help you make academic English your own, how to master your subject matter, and how to start writing that top-notch paper.

    Essay Writing

    Great essays have three essential ingredients.  They:

    1. State a position on a topic, and
    2. Develop a logical, reasoned argument to defend this position.  Finally, they
    3. Situate that argument relative to what others have written on the same topic.

    It sounds straightforward, but writing a good essay takes time and practice.  As a published scholar with years of experience writing undergraduate and graduate papers as well as articles in peer-reviewed journals, I will be the critical audience you need to ensure that your argument is as strong as it can be, and that your language flows deftly from point to point.

    Critical Reading Skills

    In order to write high-calibre papers and projects, you need to know how to focus on the project or task at hand.  What is the essay topic or question asking you to do?  What are the main ideas and arguments of the paper or article you're reading?  Not all articles and essays are written clearly...this means you'll need to know how to extract the main points of an argument and respond to them.  I can help you focus on core ideas in an essay question, and teach you how to build your essay or argument around what your assignment's important issues and concepts.


    I've proofread and edited everything from secondary school essays and International Baccalaureate projects to undergraduate papers to finance website copy to a neuropsychology thesis, so I can ensure that your document or website has clarity, concision, and continuity.  All knowledge — even financial data — is expressed as a story; when you communicate information you put it in a certain order and are essentially telling a narrative with that information.  

    From basic English grammar to punctuation problems to the flow from paragraph to paragraph, let me help you craft the best narrative possible!

    How it works

    You must register a free account on LiquidFractal.  Once your account is created and validated and payment is received, I'll update your member status to reflect your tuition package.  If you have a Tier package, I'll create your Learning Domain and send you some basic instructions on how to use and customise it (I'm always available to answer questions via Private Message).  You'll also be given access to additional site resources such as quizzes, discussion forums, and so forth as they become available.  Depending on your Tier package you are guaranteed a certain amount of feedback, which will be posted in your Learning Domain.

    Once your subscription ends your status will revert to Member.  You can still participate in site discussion (and talk to some cool and interesting people), but you won't have access to the Tutor Client forums and resources, and your Learning Domain (if you have one) will be locked.  To get all this good stuff back again, simply purchase hours or a Tier package!

    For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below.

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