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  • Congratulations to Alexei for scoring the second-highest rank in his year for his analytical SAC!
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    1. Hello everyone,

      Just a shout-out to one of my students Alexei, who managed to score the second-highest rank in his year for a recent analysis SAC!

      Congratulations Alexei, and keep up the great work! ūüĎć

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      Gord Barentsen
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      This is the first post on the Complex Processes Research blog. The goal of this blog is simply for myself  (and others if they like) to engage with the ideas and arguments put forth at the CPRG weekly meetings.

      Unfortunately I went to Arran Gare's inaugural talk but missed a couple of others, and my talk was last week. So we start this blog with this afternoon's talk:

      SPEAKER: Peter Brace

      TOPIC: Altered Carbon versus Altered States: Disruption in Defence of an Ecological Civilisation

      TIME: 12.30pm, 9th May

      VENUE: ATC205


      If we are going to be successful in, as our theme for the CPRG this semester demands, ‚ÄėOvercoming the Neoliberal Assault on the Environment,‚Äô then we would do well to imagine the results of a total victory for the forces of neoliberalism. A consideration of the outcomes that are articulated in the dystopian narrative from the Netflix television series ‚ÄúAltered Carbon‚ÄĚ may strengthen us to continue our resistance. And an understanding of the roles of altered states of consciousness in disrupting entrenched and dysfunctional ways of thinking may give us hope for a self-correction to humanity‚Äôs current disastrous course.¬†

      From their role in evolution to their contribution to the development of Western philosophy, we examine some of these altered states at various levels of abstraction through the lenses of neurophysiology, psychology and, of course, philosophy. The induction of these altered states in a therapeutic setting is already showing great promise for the treatment of certain intractable mental illnesses, but could a broader understanding of their effects help us to form another line of defence against neoliberalism’s assault? We call for greater recognition of their positive potential and encourage a cautious approach to further interdisciplinary study.

    2. The VIP Blog

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      yes, I'm going there this blog entry.

      Short and sweet, but I'm gonna say it: I really really wish Air Canada would adopt the practice of putting all parents and small, squawking cabbagehead children at the very back of the plane.  Preferably on the wings with seatbelts, but I'm pretty sure there are laws against that.

      Why do I say this, I hear you ask?  Well, first off, those of our species who have decided to rut and procreate have been privileged against the rest of us, who are (let's put it bluntly) discriminated against when we are forced to wait in crushing lineups while these people are given leave to board first at their leisure.  The way I see it, if they are privileged over us by being allowed to board and stow all their stuff first, why not privilege us over them when the plane lands by allowing us non-breeders to disembark first?

      The additional plus being that with all the shrieking children at the back of the plane, statistically speaking more of us will hear less of them throughout the plane as we watch the movies and catch the sleep we have undoubtedly paid for in purchasing a ticket.

      And self-entitled parents aren't even only a problem on planes: while I was waiting for the Toronto-Heathrow flight I was sandwiched between two families with children: one mother who kept shouting at her young son in Arabic or some such language, while he just kept ignoring her, screaming, running all through the closed boarding lanes in front of the staff desks, saying "ok ok" whenever he would disobey her.  Well hey, it's not "ok"!  Especially when the staff come up to you and fucking tell you it's not "ok"!

      And on the other side of me?  an Indian couple and their two small children, including a son who was hanging off of and licking the fabric strap that is latched to poles to create boarding lanes.  Licking it all across its length!  And the parents just stood there doing nothing!

      Of course, this is not to single out Arabs or Indians - unruly children and their meathead parents come in all shapes and colours.  But whatever the shape and colour, I just wish they would stay the hell away from me...and if they must be beside me, can we at least muzzle them so they can't shriek?

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