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  2. Just a public service announcement to let you all know that my thesis was finally published in Western's thesis depository. So you can all start calling me Doctor Gord.
  3. But does the cat even belong in this scenario? The cat looks as if it was introduced into the sign through an artificial procedure - as if it were welded into the sign or something. Perhaps we're all asking the wrong question. See what I did there? mmmYEAH....mmmmmhmm...
  4. My apologies to everyone here - in attempting to hive off our discussion of the archetype as a separate forums topic I seem to have obliterated it. F for FAIL for me Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to create a separate discussion topic for the concept of the archetype. So, to recap briefly: @Graham Barnett was asking how it was possible to delineate archetypes if, as Jung says at some point, they all run into each other. My pre-fail response was that I think Jung would say that, apropos of his later, more mature thinking on the archetype, that yes, they are hypotheses, but they also have some sort of foothold in what he at one point calls the "organic-material substrate." This is to say that they are forces which have effects in the natural world, and in this phase of Jung's thinking his favourite analogy for the archetype is that of the "axial system" of a crystal growing in bittern. Just as a crystal self-organises around a string or creates an axial system around which it structures symmetrical crystals in an orderly fashion, so the archetype has a propensity to repeat itself (i.e. its pattern of experience), so while they run together, as the theory goes there is some way to discern some sort of an energic "core" to an archetype. Whether or not this can be "scientifically" measured is perhaps another matter entirely - does it depend on what we mean by "science"? Again, my apolgies for the admin-fail!
  5. Well ladies and gents, I'm off overseas. Sorry for the delay in replying to this - been frantic getting things ready, checking and re-checking etc. For those of you who are curious, the original proposal for my conference paper is below. I'll post the actual conference paper later. A Whole Made of Holes: Interrogating Holism via Jung and Schelling This paper interrogates the idea of an ethical holism by articulating the theoretical countertransferences between Jungian thought and the Naturphilosophie of German philosopher Friedrich Schelling, which offers crucial insight into Jung’s embattled attempts to articulate the psyche-Nature relationship. I begin with Schelling, who conceives Nature’s products as composed from an infinite matrix of “dynamic atoms,” mutually entangled points of intensity called actants. Paradoxically singular yet entangled in each other, objects in Nature are “inhibitions” of this infinite actantial productivity. Nature desires the whole of a final, absolute product, but this whole is made (im)possible by the infinite productivity which both constitutes and dissipates this horizon of totality. I then articulate the remarkable isomorphism between the actants’ dynamism and Jung’s mature formulation of the archetype. Indeed, what I call Jung’s “therapeutics of presence” (archetypes concretized for the sake of a linearized therapy) is troubled by the open energic economy of his metapsychology, which entangles archetypes with each other like Schelling’s actants. Thus, this therapeutics’ teleological individuation attempts to contain an unruly purposiveness whose fluidity resists congelation into an overarching whole, which thus remains promissory. I end with the question: can we ethicize this “whole made of holes,” a totality ostensibly more than the sum of its parts but nevertheless destabilized by its constituent seethe of nonmolar intensities? And if we cannot escape ethics in the symbolic order, must we not look to its (Derridean) dangerous supplement? I suggest that John Caputo’s “poetics of obligation,” a species of morality and decision irreducible to the ethical, offers a way of authentically addressing the open economy of Being articulated by both Schelling and Jung.
  6. Yes, I know. Unfortunately there's no simple way around this, due to the way the CSS handles background images. It's always a challenge to get things looking right on both mobile and desktop themes at the same time; I know many, many people use mobiles more and more nowadays, but given the nature of the site I'd suggest using the LF_Blue theme if you can't take how the background images look with other themes (for which I can't blame you!). On the plus side, using LF_Blue will certainly be easier on your bandwidth. In the meantime, I will see if I can develop a mobile-friendly version of the fancy themes with background colours or simple patterns only - something a little more aesthetically pleasing for mobile browsers.
  7. @Graham Barnett actually linked to this guy's fallacies page a while back!
  8. HI Marjorie, This has actually been discussed recently in the development forums. Apparently there's an issue with inconsistent coding in terms of how certain site content is wrapped in page styles; it's an ongoing discussion and the software developers are aware of the issue. It should be fixed before too long.
  9. Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank @NotWithoutMyOntic for making a donation of $100 to LiquidFractal to help with site costs! Thank you for your generous donation to keep us going!
  10. @NotWithoutMyOntic Not sure if this is what you're after, but I found this: and also this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1348600/Australian-floods-Snake-gives-frog-piggy-escape.html
  11. ...because they didn't read the terms: https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2017/07/22000-people-agree-to-clean-toilets-for-wifi-because-they-didnt-read-the-terms/ Highlights:
  12. yeah mate i have to say that i really like the Chameleon skin...Dashboard personally doesn't float my boat but the eye candy in Chameleon is great
  13. UPDATE: Thanks to our dedicated theme developer, both Chameleon and Dashboard now work fine with MS Edge as well as the other browsers. Issues with formatting in IE have also been fixed, but I'd still highly recommend using some other (non-Microsoft) browser for your experience of the site.
  14. Hi everyone, I thought I'd head this issue off at the pass before anyone else noticed it. The short version: Internet Explorer and Edge are not recommended for use with the new themes (Chameleon and Dashboard). The slightly longer version: Chameleon and Dashboard use the latest CSS and browser technology to provide the best visual experience possible. In its time-honoured tradition of adhering to its own insular version of the Internet, Microsoft insists on doing things differently with their browsers, with the result that not all functions work with IE or Edge. In fact, while Edge is supported by the theme developer, IE is not officially supported for these reasons. If you do want to use the site with these browsers, I'd suggest switching to the default skin (4.2 Blue), which is much less resource-intensive. There are scrolling issues with the graphics-rich backgrounds with both Microsoft browsers (particularly IE, which will give you a bumpy ride with both themes but is a particular trainwreck with Dashboard). In short, everything works fine with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi. Heck, even Avast! SafeZone browser plays nice with the code (if anyone even uses it ). Firefox is at the bottom of this list since you'll see some minor scrolling issues; all others mentioned perform flawlessly.
  15. I'm still ironing out some issues and checking out how they work, but yes, I see no reason why we can't allow others here to make Spaces. I just have 50 things on my mind right now with the impending trip so we'll see what happens.
  16. Hello, At long last, the software upgrade has arrived! A couple of you may already have noticed some of the significant changes to the site, but let me shortlist some of the really cool changes: Spaces - unlike Domains (which are more research intensive), Spaces are more open-ended and social subgroups on the site. As promised, we now have the official Zombie Apocalypse Space for all your post-respiratory needs . I've also created a VIP space, which is for the veterans and those who support the site in various ways. If there is a Space you might like to see (or create and manage) on the site, post in Suggestions or send me a PM. New Forum Views - guests and those who aren't logged in will see the traditional forums listing, but all Members now get two different ways to organise Forum content - Grid view, which organises Forums as information cards, and (my favourite) Fluid view, which dynamically lists topics based on the Forums you choose from the menu to the right. Reactions - you can now React to a post, which gives you more options than simply Like. If there are Reactions you want to see on the site or have icons to suggest, please let me know. Attachment Drag-and-Drop - now, instead of uploading an attachment to a post and then adding it, you can drag and drop it from your desktop straight into your post. Media Gallery improvements - it's now easier to enter information and apply it to all uploading images at once, and easier to add content in general. The list goes on, and I'm sure you'll see other improvements and tweaks in the coming weeks. As a result of the upgrade, certain themes have had to be put on hold (or, in the case of SkyBlue, retired for now - sorry @Tegan Holmes!). This is because of the fundamentally different template structure, and I don't have time right now to rework the old theme to suit the upgrade. However, you'll probably find the sexy new default theme and the updated Chameleon theme will do the trick.
  17. Just accessed it right now...
  18. LOL lotta that going around these days . I'm in the middle of getting my conference paper together, and will be out of the country for a while (I'll post an announcement shortly), but after I return all will be made clear and I will have a cornucopia of answers for all!
  19. Love these kind of esoteric, geeky words! http://www.dictionary.com/slideshows/10-weather-words-you-need-to-know#amazing-weather-words (And yes, I tried to embed this via the dreaded Facebook but couldn't)
  20. Yeah, I switched out the default images with stuff I thought was more appropriately nerdy and fancy. Maybe we should run contests for best background? Best background(s) get saved in a gallery and put up for a month or something? Thoughts?
  21. lol...I actually decided to make it available to everyone, but have recently been dealing with some configuration difficulties in the theme (which have since magically sorted themselves out....no kidding! . I'll get it set up for everyone except Guests in the next day or so.
  22. Economies is a points economy app I've installed with a mind to creating a Referral points system for Tutor Clients who refer people who become Tutor Clients either solely online or with in-person tutoring consultations. I'm just too busy to configure it right now. But I am also thinking about developing another points system for top participants, where points can be used to win raffles for prizes and so forth. More news on that as it comes!
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