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  1. footer

    I really like the new footer as well with the links and explanatory text. but it looks a bit bland. you need some pictures or something
  2. user guide

    Hey Gord, is it possible to get a user guide for the software youre using here? something to explain all the little functions I keep finding here and there? it might save some questions in this forum!
  3. Congrats on making it into the special club! :)

  4. Themes and browser compatibility

    ok one thing i noticed is that the newer themes don't look great on mobile view. the Dashboard one is ok but with the other one the background images don't appear right and they move around on the screen. wondering if there's any way to fix this?
  5. Themes and browser compatibility

    Edge works fine...i use it a lot and never had probs here
  6. blank spaces in new themes

    When i;m in my Learning Domain I notice that sometimes there are blocks of text that don;t have a background...it's hard to read them against the graphical backgrounds. Can this be fixed?
  7. LiquidFractal: the Upgrade!

    What a nice shiny new site! Bit I agree with @NotWithoutMyOntic ...we need a membership drive!
  8. More Trump bullying

    OMG are you kidding me?? are those photos real?
  9. Van Gogh exhibit, NGV

    Well i guess the "aura" is a magical quality...?
  10. Van Gogh exhibit, NGV

    nothing wrong with museums - how else are you going to see this stuff?
  11. so what's going on?

    yeah when are all those changes gonna happen? Not that I care about zombies too much (sorry!) but just wondering.
  12. new theme: Dashboard

    I love it! But I would love to choose my own backgrounds...
  13. site theme

    That would be great! PS I also like the fact that the forums pictures are smaller in this theme - they were too big in the other one
  14. new theme: Chameleon

    Well I liked the blue in the previous theme but this one is much more interesting 0 even if some of the backgrounds can be distracting (i get dizzy looking at the library pillars in between screen fields but I like it!).
  15. ...but did Mary have two mommies?

    Brilliant! I'd never have thought to see this outside a church of all places! ++1


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