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    Picture 7

    I really like this one but don't really know why! like some alien listening mechanism or something..
  2. Hey it's your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🍰 (couldn't find the birthday cake lol)
  3. so i assume this guy was writing in WW 2 but what's wrong with aesthetics in modern life? didn't the Romantics want us to see art in the everyday? i agree with @NotWithoutMyOntic not sure what this guy is on about
  4. I cant believe I only saw this now....brilliant! scared the shit out of me I think they also made a movie out of this concept: Lights Out (2016) - IMDb WWW.IMDB.COM Directed by David F. Sandberg. With Teresa Palmer, Gabriel Bateman, Maria Bello, Billy Burke. Rebecca must unlock the terror behind her little brother's experiences that once tested her sanity, bringing her face to face with a...
  5. Welcome to the site! i will check out your blog when i can (there is no first post yet )
  6. loving my new prezzie book 😀

  7. well? i don't celebrate xmas but was wondering what you all got. my partner and i still xchange gifts so i got a beautiful book on traditional Japanese theater: Traditional Japanese Theater : Karen Brazell : 9780231108720 WWW.BOOKDEPOSITORY.COM Traditional Japanese Theater by Karen Brazell, 9780231108720, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.
  8. laugh if you will but I think Daniel Craig is hot 😍 i wasn't too fond of the Bourne series tho. they all seemed pretty much the same formula - guy with no memory chased by CIA while someone on the inside is secretly on his side.
  9. Happy New Year! I know the crusty old admin on these forums hates memes so i will do the honours
  10. this is sooo typical of the world we live in....either way I think Nature will roll over us whether or not we respect it.
  11. What are the "complex processor gatherings"?
  12. i actually really hate superhero movies because they're really boring but i liked Deadpool! 😺
  13. but isb't it instinct for us to bind ourselves to future gens. through love and protection? isn;t that an antidote to this cynicism (which i dont agree with)?
  14. i can't find this Economies thing. and yeah, what's going on?
  15. Got issues? But given what Trump has said of Late I can't disagree.......
  16. OMG A Sentence of Judges and a Damning of Jurors that's awesome! where did you get this? Not to mention a Nonpatience of Wives!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Ok can someone explain to me what the heck grammatology is I have to read it and it is driving me insane!! PS i hope I did the tags right
  18. Yeah i think it;s too blue too..I was taught not to make too much of a single colour in painting
  19. ok so I use windows 10 and tried logging in on Edge but I could not post this response or get to dropdown menus for my profile or anything else so then I tried IE, and it works now but I don't see the images for notifications or private messages on the frontpage I didnt' have these problems before the https business! nd now I can't use emoticons?!
  20. bad night...long story. broke up with my bf
  21. I hope everyone has a wonderful 2017!

  22. Yeah i wish you could change this too,.,
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