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  1. and actually the more i look at that cat picture the more it reminds me of the cover of Sartre's Nausea...just in terms of teh tone.
  2. and for some reason the scenario i get from this article is like that Simpsons episode where everyone ends up getting offended at each other (and offended over the other person's offense) and it ends up degenderating into anarchy from there!
  3. what a brilliant statement! i think the problem is that we tend to binarize things so much that now we think we are faced with only the two possibilities of the Offendocrats on the one hand and the boors like Trump on the other. wasn't it Chomsky who said at some point that he who slings the mud first always wins?
  4. Ok so I am undoubtedly jumping back into the thick of this discussion whilst thinking I need a dictionary to keep up with you nerds but I also seem to recall Jung sleeping with one (or several) of his patients, and that Freud used that against him or criticized him for it? Or maybe I'm committing the movie fallacy by taking what I remember seeing in A Dangerous Method at face value..
  5. thanks @rhlangan - but could someone tell me exactly what happened with this freud-jung breakup? I occasionally read of both sides insulting the other so it must have been a doozy, but don't havea real idea as to how it happened..
  6. @rhlangan hey dude welcome to the site and if i do say so myself your avatar reminds me of Buddy Christ
  7. Beautiful! Poetry does nothing but ask questions, even when its making statements or pretending to answer questions.
  8. do not get me started....self-entitled parents are among the lowest forms of life!! i remember being with friends trying to find a place to play baseball in a Toronto park many years ago...we found a diamond and were getting set up to play when a horde of parents and their spawn showed up....one father walked right up to us and blurted out something to the extent that they had a permit to play some Little League game or something and we had to get out.... ...and you know, it was all about the way this asshat went about it. Not "could you please leave because we've arranged to play here?" bit more like "you are hereby interfering in my need to project my childhood failures on to my children....now get out!" Self-entitled parents - the ones who think you have to work around their need to sow their seed - are the worst.
  9. Funny how no one seems to think of these kinds of things....they just assume that we can fly away from our birth planet and swim through zero gravity without any problems!
  10. All right!!! Congrats Doc! It must feel great having that burden off your chest! Well done!
  11. I guess that's why they add cooldown periods to some contracts - saving people from themselves!
  12. Good luck Gord! Hey let me know when you get in town and i'll buy ya a brewski
  13. https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/the-fallacy-fallacy this reminds me of your "tone policiing"..as you say, just because someone argues poorly or argues with passion doesn't mean the argument is invalid.
  14. Dude I come back here and everything's changed! I love the forums reorganization though! And I notice you finally addressed the lack of Zombie apocalypse around these parts.
  15. that's a great idea! keep a gallery so we can put old favourites back in rotation...imho it would be great to switch them out once in a while.
  16. but i suppose there's also the instinct for self-preservation or self-gratification, which for some parents (and others) overrides an instinct for child protection?
  17. Well the way i see it instinct is a pattern of behaviour, like the way a beaver knows how to build an efficient dam in a stream or lake. but drive is the motive force that, well, drives the beaver to perform this or that or the other instinctive pattern of behavior. so a beaver can be driven to build a dam, to chew on a tree to fell it, to mate with another beaver etc., but those are all the patterns that mould the energy of the drive.
  18. I think we ARE hardwired, but to care for a "family" of 7+ billion people, 99.9999% of whom we don't even know? Where's the logic in that - evolutionary or otherwise?
  19. Remember rule 1....CARDIO
  20. @Graham Barnett did you find one? What is it anyway?
  21. Some of the artist names I see in this feed are really interesting...like a mathematical grammar required to decode their song titles. Of course when I want to post this idea there's nothing of the kind on the feed, but if you listen a bit and keep an eye on artist names and track titles you'll see what I mean.
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