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    About the blog

    16 minutes ago, Ima Student said:

    Other members of the Learning Space (if any) can comment on blog posts as well.

    And of course, your tutor will be here to offer feedback and insights! :)

  1. I gave my talk today as scheduled, and just wanted to add (in case you didn't read the site message) that it was received very well and I received some very helpful criticism.

    One of the very positive aspects of the CPRG is the fact that it includes people from a very wide range of disciplines, so the criticism one can get for one's project can really broaden one's horizons and offer possibilities for further research.

    Thanks to the CPRG for having me and letting me speak, and I look forward to attending more sessions!

  2. On 8/10/2017 at 1:35 PM, Marjorie Pfennig said:

    ok one thing i noticed is that the newer themes don't look great on mobile view.  the Dashboard one is ok but with the other one the background images don't appear right and they move around on the screen.  wondering if there's any way to fix this?


    Yes, I know.  Unfortunately there's no simple way around this, due to the way the CSS handles background images.  It's always a challenge to get things looking right on both mobile and desktop themes at the same time; I know many, many people use mobiles more and more nowadays, but given the nature of the site I'd suggest using the LF_Blue theme if you can't take how the background images look with other themes (for which I can't blame you!).

    On the plus side, using LF_Blue will certainly be easier on your bandwidth. :)

    In the meantime, I will see if I can develop a mobile-friendly version of the fancy themes with background colours or simple patterns only - something a little more aesthetically pleasing for mobile browsers.

  3. The major software changes (starting today actually) will affect everyone using the site - it's just that the changes will be initially geared towards Tutor Clients.  These changes come in the form of a social groups app which allows for the creation and maintenance of clubs/groups, which are sort of like mini communities in the site.  A group still uses all of the site apps like forums, blogs, galleries etc., but they are constellated around a private Learning Space where Clients can pool their materials and research.  It's also where I will be offering my online assistance to Clients from now on.  As a Client you'll be made the owner of your Space, and you can invite people in (or give them the boot ^_^) as needed.

    So first thing, I will set up private Spaces for Clients (which will be pretty much everything you already have privately, only shifted into a "Space" environment with better permission handling, so Clients can make their own blogs, galleries, etc. for their project).  After that infrastructure is set up, we can make social groups for other ideas.

    I will also (I promise!) write some brief tutorials on how to use some of this site's many cool functions, in a more structured way than posting tips in this blog.  I'll obviously also be providing some instructions on how to operate your Learning Space (or social group).

    That's the collaborative app.  Then there's the site software upgrade, which will have a whole bunch of improvements to site-wide apps: the Calendar, Media Centre, and more will have improved functionality for everyone.

    Stay tuned!

  4. chacheng, this is interesting.  I'm posting this response using IE 11 on Windows 7, and I'm not experiencing any of the image issues you're describing.  In fact, IE here is working pretty much like the other browsers.

    Given your comments I would suggest using something other than Microsoft browsers to use the site (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi).  I've never seen any issues with those browsers.  Microsoft, on the other hand, has a longstanding tradition of trying to conceive the Internet in its own image, which differs from pretty much the rest of the world. :disgusted:

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  5. Hello everyone,

    As of today, a new software upgrade has given you many, many more options for embedding content!  You can now embed content from teh following sites simply by copy/pasting the link:

    • codepen.io
    • coub.com
    • deviantart.com
    • docs.com
    • funnyordie.com
    • gettyimages.com
    • iFixit.com
    • kickstarter.com
    • meetup.com
    • mixcloud.com
    • mix.office.com
    • on.aol.com
    • reddit.com
    • reverbnation.com
    • screencast.com
    • screenr.com
    • slideshare.net
    • smugmug.com
    • ustream.tv
    • Google Maps


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