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coming developments

Gord Barentsen


Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is well.  Just to let you know, there will be several exciting developments in the site software in the coming months.  There will be a major software upgrade which will make the site experience a lot slicker, and which will add several new features to the main site to make gallery media easier to browse,

Also, an update specifically for Tutoring Clients: I'm installing comprehensive new collaborative software which will see your material shifted into private, customisable Spaces in which I can offer you more personalised assistance and feedback.  As we speak, I am backing up our current site in preparation for installing this software, so you may not find some of your site resources where they should be.  As a result, things on the site may change and you might encounter some errors while I complete the structural upgrade.

Please be patient and don't freak out: things will fall into place very soon, and I will be on hand to field any questions and concerns you might have (I'm hoping that since this is the slow season re: essay help that the disturbance won't be too significant, barring online customers).  I'd also like to remind you to please back up your material before uploading to the site just in case.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know via PM.  If you have any suggestions, post them in the Suggestions forum.


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The major software changes (starting today actually) will affect everyone using the site - it's just that the changes will be initially geared towards Tutor Clients.  These changes come in the form of a social groups app which allows for the creation and maintenance of clubs/groups, which are sort of like mini communities in the site.  A group still uses all of the site apps like forums, blogs, galleries etc., but they are constellated around a private Learning Space where Clients can pool their materials and research.  It's also where I will be offering my online assistance to Clients from now on.  As a Client you'll be made the owner of your Space, and you can invite people in (or give them the boot ^_^) as needed.

So first thing, I will set up private Spaces for Clients (which will be pretty much everything you already have privately, only shifted into a "Space" environment with better permission handling, so Clients can make their own blogs, galleries, etc. for their project).  After that infrastructure is set up, we can make social groups for other ideas.

I will also (I promise!) write some brief tutorials on how to use some of this site's many cool functions, in a more structured way than posting tips in this blog.  I'll obviously also be providing some instructions on how to operate your Learning Space (or social group).

That's the collaborative app.  Then there's the site software upgrade, which will have a whole bunch of improvements to site-wide apps: the Calendar, Media Centre, and more will have improved functionality for everyone.

Stay tuned!

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