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LiquidFractal: the Upgrade!

Gord Barentsen



At long last, the software upgrade has arrived!  A couple of you may already have noticed some of the significant changes to the site, but let me shortlist some of the really cool changes:

  1. Spaces - unlike Domains (which are more research intensive), Spaces are more open-ended and social subgroups on the site.  As promised, we now have the official Zombie Apocalypse Space for all your post-respiratory needs ;).  I've also created a VIP space, which is for the veterans and those who support the site in various ways.  If there is a Space you might like to see (or create and manage) on the site, post in Suggestions or send me a PM.
  2. New Forum Views - guests and those who aren't logged in will see the traditional forums listing, but all Members now get two different ways to organise Forum content - Grid view, which organises Forums as information cards, and (my favourite) Fluid view, which dynamically lists topics based on the Forums you choose from the menu to the right.
  3. Reactions - you can now React to a post, which gives you more options than simply Like.  If there are Reactions you want to see on the site or have icons to suggest, please let me know.
  4. Attachment Drag-and-Drop - now, instead of uploading an attachment to a post and then adding it, you can drag and drop it from your desktop straight into your post.
  5. Media Gallery improvements - it's now easier to enter information and apply it to all uploading images at once, and easier to add content in general.

The list goes on, and I'm sure you'll see other improvements and tweaks in the coming weeks.

As a result of the upgrade, certain themes have had to be put on hold (or, in the case of SkyBlue, retired for now - sorry @Tegan Holmes!).  This is because of the fundamentally different template structure, and I don't have time right now to rework the old theme to suit the upgrade.  However, you'll probably find the sexy new default theme and the updated Chameleon theme will do the trick. :)

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