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  1. caught out! lol...well I did say language and not typing
  2. I would really love it if the Langaug Oddities blog were opened up because i would love to contribute to it!
  3. Can't argue with internet memes
  4. Ok MAYBE i was overstating things somewhat! I guess they werent crap per se - there are many other movies that are much worse. But I find watching Peter Jackson's Hobbit movies like listening to Led Zeppelin - once in a very long while is enough for me.
  5. hi Tegan! i loved Tolkein too......i read the entire RIng series when I was in my early teens and ive never been the same since. i thought the movies were crap though (sorry, please don't ban me Gord lol)...thought they were overdone and over the top.
  6. OMG that is amazing!!! although i must say i get dizzy just looking at that eagle circling around and around as it descends. it's also really weird that such a large city should exist in the middle of the desert
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