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  1. Whoa i was wondering what was going on? I tried to get to the site and all I got were error lines.
  2. Breathtaking..but i can't decide its a utopian Game of Thrones-like world or some post-industrial Trump capitalist hell
  3. Marjorie Pfennig


    What i want to know is, why is it now for sale???
  4. So these aren't language errors per se but they do bend the rules of language logic http://www.essentialkids.com.au/news/current-affairs/hilarious-ways-kids-answered-these-10-test-questions-20160713-gq4lir
  5. i think you're harder on the show than i am but i agree..like what bearing does it have on my life if there was a serial killer in my family?!
  6. caught out! lol...well I did say language and not typing
  7. I was watching this program in Aus (where i live) last night called "Dna Nation" which is about three celebrities (Ernie Dingo, Julia Zemiro and IanThorpe) who have their DNA taken and their heritage traced back 2000,000 years. It's quite interesting but they kept talking about how DNA tells you "where you come from" and "who you are." i don't know about all of you but while i find it interesting i don't think it tells me a lot about who i am.
  8. i think as gord said the difference is that the subconscious is still kind of conscious?
  9. I would really love it if the Langaug Oddities blog were opened up because i would love to contribute to it!
  10. I know but what about psychoaanlsis as an art? i mean even taht essay you're reading on creative writing shows he wrote about more than just science topics? i haven't read that essay for a long time but isn't it a theory of art? artists as neurotics like savages and children if i remember correctly
  11. Can't argue with internet memes
  12. As far as I can recollect Freud is one of the top 10 most cited thinkers of the 20th century...but maybe that sort of thing is always changing. I would assume that theoretically speaking even a broken clock is right twice a day - so some people today have real Oedipal complexes but it isn't as universal as Freud assumed. But can you "disprove" psychoanalysis? Is it science or an art?
  13. Ok MAYBE i was overstating things somewhat! I guess they werent crap per se - there are many other movies that are much worse. But I find watching Peter Jackson's Hobbit movies like listening to Led Zeppelin - once in a very long while is enough for me.
  14. hi Tegan! i loved Tolkein too......i read the entire RIng series when I was in my early teens and ive never been the same since. i thought the movies were crap though (sorry, please don't ban me Gord lol)...thought they were overdone and over the top.
  15. OMG that is amazing!!! although i must say i get dizzy just looking at that eagle circling around and around as it descends. it's also really weird that such a large city should exist in the middle of the desert
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