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  1. Gord Barentsen

    Session Notes
    Today was my first session with Viana.  Barring anything from this past week she'd like to discuss, I anticipate giving her the "Drug Pamplhet Test" and discussing her essay "People Should Not Stop Eating Meat" to give her a sense of the argumentative concepts and principles she'll need to know going forward.
  2. Gord Barentsen

    Breaking News
    Hello everyone,
    Just a shout-out to one of my students Alexei, who managed to score the second-highest rank in his year for a recent analysis SAC!
    Congratulations Alexei, and keep up the great work! 👍
  3. Gord Barentsen
    This is embarrassingly late, and my only excuse is that I've been caught up with reading for the next project and dealing with COVID-related issues (restrictions - not sickness, thankfully! 😶).
    But Romantic Metasubjectivity Through Schelling and Jung: Rethinking the Romantic Subject (Routledge, 2020) came out May-June of this year.  Propaganda material below!

    Here's a link to the book on Routledge:
    Romantic Metasubjectivity Through Schelling and Jung: Rethinking the R
    WWW.ROUTLEDGE.COM Romantic Metasubjectivity Through Schelling and Jung: Rethinking the Romantic Subject explores the remarkable intellectual isomorphism between the philosophy of Friedrich Schelling and...  
  4. Gord Barentsen
    Well...in and amidst preparing chapters for publication, reading, research, and squeezing a couple of new Tutor Clients in to the mix, I'm pleased to announce something I've wanted to add to the community for some time now - the LiquidFractal Public Humanities Initiative!
    The PHI is designed to bridge the stereotypical gap between scholarly research and what some people still so quaintly call (in the age of Trump!) "the real world."  Articles in Public Humanities are meant to showcase research and deepen understanding of philosophical issues in ways which resonate with people inside and outside the academy.
    Open Learning is all about breaking down these faux boundaries and making knowledge available to everyone, but this doesn't mean commodifying ideas and watering them down to make them more "marketable" or "palatable."  So even if there are philosophical concepts and technical jargon, the idea is for both sides of the divide to talk to each other and ask questions.
    You can access the Public Humanities area off the Content option in the top menu, or if you're lazy like me and just want a link....
    The first PHI contribution is a shortened, abbreviated version of an article due for publication in Cosmos and History.  It focuses on Schelling's idea of Nature and the implications it has for the notion of an "ecological civilisation," which is seen as a counterbalance to the neoliberalist objectification and plundering of the environment.  Other articles may well be more informal in nature; the idea is to present a varied and organic selection of thinking and scholarship.
    Enjoy, and as always post your suggestions and ideas!
  5. Gord Barentsen
    Hello everyone,
    I've been busy behind the scenes updating the website software (with all the rigamarole that involves), but wanted to post some sort of an update as to what will be going on this year.
    I've been invited to contribute a Psychology chapter to the upcoming Palgrave-Macmillan Handbook of German Idealism and Poststructuralism!  This text will be coming out some time next year, so this year a lot of time will be spent reading and researching before I begin writing.  I'll post updates as I go for those of you who are interested.
    Romantic Metasubjectivity has also been submitted to Routledge for publication!  Well, almost...the wheels of academic turn slowly indeed so it's still being considered by the publisher, but I have a solid endorsement from key Schellingians in the field and the editor of Routledge's Philosophy and Psychoanalysis series, so here's hoping it's just a matter of dotting the Is and crossing the Ts until a contract is formally offered.
    Apart from that, I have an article waiting to be revised and several other books waiting to be read...and Hegel.  Hegel is always here....now I know what they mean when they refer to "The Spectre of Hegel." 😀
    Hope this update finds everyone well.  More as it happens!
  6. Gord Barentsen
    Maintaining a website isn't all the fame and glory it's made out to be. 🤔  Updates, troubleshooting, and server migrations - not to mention work assignments, tutoring, and research - have kept me quite busy for the past while, so apologies for not writing here sooner.
    In the holiday season blogs are pretty much the last thing on people's minds, but I wanted to post some brief updates.  First of all, congratulations to Keigan for scoring in the 95.5th percentile on his STAT exam!  I wish I could take the credit as your tutor, but in the end it was all you!  Keigan is now looking at universities to study corporate law.  Feel free to stop by his profile and congratulate him!
    LiquidFractal also welcomes its third academic group to the fold in the new year: the Dialectical Realism Research Group, headed by Brendan Cartmel.  I anticipate there will be more information on this research group coming up early next year.
    I've also added several features to the site, which I'll talk about when I have the time.  In the interim, I'll just wish everybody happy holidays and a wonderful new year from LiquidFractal.
  7. Gord Barentsen
    LiquidFractal is pleased to welcome the Complex Processes Research Group, based in Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia!
    The CPRG is a reading and research group centered around the process philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Peirce, but the intellectual history of process philosophy extends further back to Friedrich Schelling as perhaps the first process philosopher.  Process philosophy essentially emphasises becoming and unfolding over rigid, static paradigms, and is sometimes marked by a desire to reconcile the various aspects of human experience (scientific, religious, political) into a coherent, holistic whole.  As to what this "whole" ultimately looks like and how it functions, well, that will be the subject of many, many interesting discussions to come.
    A warm welcome to the CPRG at LiquidFractal!  For more information, please visit the CPRG Space.
  8. Gord Barentsen
    Hello all,
    I've been invited to give a one-hour talk at the Complex Processes Research Group (CPRG) at Swinburne University in Melbourne.  The present theme for talks is, broadly speaking, "neoliberalism and the environment."  I've included the abstract from Dr. Arran Gare's inaugural talk to give a sense of what issues are being discussed.
    My talk, which will involve Schelling's Naturphilosophie and its possible relations to a critique of neoliberalism, is slated for 2 May.  I'll post more here when I have more information.
  9. Gord Barentsen
    I'm pleased to announce that LiquidFractal, with the permission of the MSCP, is hosting the online space for  "Schelling and 'Philosophical Psychology'," a summer course lasting from Jan-Feb 2018 and run through the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy.
    You can get to it in the SPACES menu above, but only registered members can access its content.  If you're interested in enrolling for this or any other course offered by the MSCP, please visit their website here: Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy.
    All courses are available for distance enrollment and are made available as downloadable recordings.
  10. Gord Barentsen
    Hi everyone,
    It's official - LiquidFractal's new...iteration?  manifestation?  representation? - will be going live January 1, 2018!
    Of course, the site's public areas and forums chatter have been around for ages and will still be there.  But in the new year I hope to have everything else in place: tutoring rates, information on contract editing/proofreading/technical writing work, as well as the storefront.
    I will also be introducing a Referrals program.  So if you're a client (tutor, editing or otherwise) refer someone else who becomes a client, you get reward points which can go towards free tutoring hours, resources, or maybe even some free stuff.  Not a client?  If you're a Member who refers someone who becomes a client, you will also earn Referral points for stuff in the future.
    More soon!  As always, I enthusiastically welcome any and all suggestions you may have.
     And psst...tell your friends. 
  11. Gord Barentsen
    Hello again,
    So all of you will have noticed the changes I've made to the site as I prepare to push it forward into "live"ness.  The most obvious of these changes is the new default site theme, LF_Magnum,[1] which will quite possibly replace the existing themes.
    LF_Magnum has a lot of eye-catching features and makes very good use of the real estate on a given page to provide easy access to social media buttons.  Some of you have mentioned that you really like the idea of a sticky header (the top menu that stays at the top as you scroll down a page), so I kept that in mind when selecting a new default theme.  Of course, there is also the marquee, which will contain breaking news about site developments and links to other information.
    I hope you all like it as much as I do - tweaking this theme has been a very nice creative exercise for me. 
    As always, please post in the Suggestions forum or get in touch with me if you have comments, opinions, or suggestions of any kind.
    ^ If you're wondering about the name, "Magnum" is the original name given it by its developer.  I've just kept it because I can't think of anything else right now!
  12. Gord Barentsen
    Hi everyone,
    Introducing Sticky Notes - an eye-catching way of making Members aware of new developments on the site, whether it's scheduling notifications for Tutor Clients, downtime for the site, or contests for you to win stuff!  I felt this might be a better alternative to the Announcements window at times, which should really stand out a bit more so that people notice it as soon as they splash down on the main page.  Sticky Notes are much more noticeable!
    Sticky Notes will appear pinned to a side or corner of your screen.  Once you've read a Sticky Note, just click its X to remove it from your view.
  13. Gord Barentsen
    Hello all,
    Since this site will be "officially" going live in the next while, I wanted to draw your attention to some coding-related issues which affect how the two newer themes (Dashboard, Chameleon) display.
    In short, you will see the odd part of a webpage which seems to have no background, where the text at times can be very difficult to read against the static background graphics.  This apparently has to do with the way certain blocks of code were formatted in Invision's CSS, and I am waiting on this issue to be resolved (it affects many other people out there as well!).
    So if you want to see everything without these formatting issues, I suggest you use the default LF_Blue theme - there's no background eyecandy, but everything will display fine.  Of course, registered Members are still free to use the new themes...everything works fine - it's just the odd display block that's affected.
    Invision promise to address it as soon as they can; you'll know as soon as I do!
    Note: as I've said before, while they will display on mobile screens the newer themes are too involved to display correctly on mobile devices - they're more for the desktop/laptop/tablet experience.  I recommend using the default LF_Blue theme, which is much easier on your mobile bandwidth anyway. 
  14. Gord Barentsen
    Hi everyone,
    It's been online for a little while now (as some of you have noticed), but I thought I'd introduce the new Member Map, accessible from the Resources tab in the main menu.  Basically, it allows you to show people where you are and provides a geographic distribution of members.  Let's make it as global as possible!
    A couple of brief points:
    Participation in the Map is entirely optional.  Putting your location on the Map can help you connect with other people near you (or who are in places you might want to go someday), but you're under no obligation to do so. Do not provide your full address unless you want it to be made public!  You can either give Maps your current location or enter your detailed address information.  Enter your home address if you want, but it will be visible to anyone (bot or human) who browses the site.  So if you live in Melbourne, simply entering "Melbourne" or a related option from the dynamic menu is fine and will preserve your privacy.  
  15. Gord Barentsen
    Hi everyone,
    I thought I'd head this issue off at the pass before anyone else noticed it.
    The short version: Internet Explorer and Edge are not recommended for use with the new themes (Chameleon and Dashboard).
    The slightly longer version: Chameleon and Dashboard use the latest CSS and browser technology to provide the best visual experience possible.  In its time-honoured tradition of adhering to its own insular version of the Internet, Microsoft insists on doing things differently with their browsers, with the result that not all functions work with IE or Edge.  In fact, while Edge is supported by the theme developer, IE is not officially supported for these reasons.  If you do want to use the site with these browsers, I'd suggest switching to the default skin (4.2 Blue), which is much less resource-intensive.  There are scrolling issues with the graphics-rich backgrounds with both Microsoft browsers (particularly IE, which will give you a bumpy ride with both themes but is a particular trainwreck with Dashboard).
    In short, everything works fine with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi.  Heck, even Avast! SafeZone browser plays nice with the code (if anyone even uses it ).  Firefox is at the bottom of this list since you'll see some minor scrolling issues; all others mentioned perform flawlessly.
  16. Gord Barentsen
    At long last, the software upgrade has arrived!  A couple of you may already have noticed some of the significant changes to the site, but let me shortlist some of the really cool changes:
    Spaces - unlike Domains (which are more research intensive), Spaces are more open-ended and social subgroups on the site.  As promised, we now have the official Zombie Apocalypse Space for all your post-respiratory needs .  I've also created a VIP space, which is for the veterans and those who support the site in various ways.  If there is a Space you might like to see (or create and manage) on the site, post in Suggestions or send me a PM. New Forum Views - guests and those who aren't logged in will see the traditional forums listing, but all Members now get two different ways to organise Forum content - Grid view, which organises Forums as information cards, and (my favourite) Fluid view, which dynamically lists topics based on the Forums you choose from the menu to the right. Reactions - you can now React to a post, which gives you more options than simply Like.  If there are Reactions you want to see on the site or have icons to suggest, please let me know. Attachment Drag-and-Drop - now, instead of uploading an attachment to a post and then adding it, you can drag and drop it from your desktop straight into your post. Media Gallery improvements - it's now easier to enter information and apply it to all uploading images at once, and easier to add content in general. The list goes on, and I'm sure you'll see other improvements and tweaks in the coming weeks.
    As a result of the upgrade, certain themes have had to be put on hold (or, in the case of SkyBlue, retired for now - sorry @Tegan Holmes!).  This is because of the fundamentally different template structure, and I don't have time right now to rework the old theme to suit the upgrade.  However, you'll probably find the sexy new default theme and the updated Chameleon theme will do the trick. 
  17. Gord Barentsen
    Hi everyone,
    I'd like to introduce a new theme, available from the Themes menu at the bottom of the site main page: LF_Dashboard!
    It has a side menu - a bit different from what we've seen so far, but I hope you all like it!  Please feel free to test drive it and let me know what you think in the Suggestions forum.
  18. Gord Barentsen
    Just taking this opportunity to introduce a new LiquidFractal site theme: LF_Chameleon!  Please let me know what you think of it here, or in the Suggestions forum.
    This theme does require a little more in terms of graphics hardware, given that it's quite image-rich and involved static backgrounds - you might notice a bit of lag if you're using a smaller laptop (like an HP Stream or other low-end portable machine), or a machine that doesn't have dedicated graphics memory.  But for most desktop computers it should be just fine.
    Some options are currently available only to Tutor Clients and VIP members: for example, there is a Background Picker that allows you to select your site background image from a series of 6 images.  Click the paintbrush by your name at the top to select your background image.
    I really hope you like Chameleon - it's high time we had a change from the default theme!  If you're wondering where the previous SkyBlue default theme went, I had to disable it as it doesn't play nicely with the new collaboration software I'll be talking about soon.
  19. Gord Barentsen
    Just a note to let all Tutor Clients know that they no longer have Forums where they previously were.  Instead, all Tutor Clients have their assets and accounts moved to private Domains in the new Domains section of the website.
    All of you should now have correct access; if you can't get into your areas, please PM me.  Thanks!
  20. Gord Barentsen
    Hi everyone,
    I hope everyone is well.  Just to let you know, there will be several exciting developments in the site software in the coming months.  There will be a major software upgrade which will make the site experience a lot slicker, and which will add several new features to the main site to make gallery media easier to browse,
    Also, an update specifically for Tutoring Clients: I'm installing comprehensive new collaborative software which will see your material shifted into private, customisable Spaces in which I can offer you more personalised assistance and feedback.  As we speak, I am backing up our current site in preparation for installing this software, so you may not find some of your site resources where they should be.  As a result, things on the site may change and you might encounter some errors while I complete the structural upgrade.
    Please be patient and don't freak out: things will fall into place very soon, and I will be on hand to field any questions and concerns you might have (I'm hoping that since this is the slow season re: essay help that the disturbance won't be too significant, barring online customers).  I'd also like to remind you to please back up your material before uploading to the site just in case.
    As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know via PM.  If you have any suggestions, post them in the Suggestions forum.
  21. Gord Barentsen
    Hi everyone,
    My apologies for the site's downtime - I was switching over the database language from mySQL to MariaDB, and a minor software upgrade caused a bit of a crash.  Nothing too dire, as you can see.
    In other news, I am going to add a significant new feature to the site in the next couple of days...hope you like it!
  22. Gord Barentsen
    Hi everybody,
    I know that with the hot weather coming those of you in the Melbourne area will have nothing more important to do than converse on the site (!), but this is just to let you know that I'll be upgrading PHP on the site in the near future, so there may be some brief downtime and/or delayed page responses.
  23. Gord Barentsen
    Hi everyone,
    I have recently switched LiquidFractal over from a normal http connection to a secured https connection.
    There are several reasons for this.  Recent web trends are shifting toward all websites securing themselves as much as possible.  I've read that Google is taking this route, and that future updates of Google will warn users whenever they are accessing an insecure website (e.g., a website which uses a normal http connection).  While it doesn't affect the site's operations one way or another, warnings might look suspect or make users distrust the site on principle.
    What does this mean for you as Members?  Nothing, really.  In your browsers, you'll notice that the web address is now https://www.liquidfractal.org..., and a green lock icon will give you security certificate details.  All it means is that the site is what it says it is, and that your data isn't being secretly channeled off elsewhere.
    When I first implemented this security, I had problems with some site images rendering.  If you any problems viewing or using the site please let me know.
  24. Gord Barentsen
    Hi everyone,
    Just a quick message to let you know that there might be some very temporary downtime on the site.  Apparently, the last owner of the site's current IP address was something of a spammer, so the site's IP address is listed on some anti-spam databases.  I've applied to have the IP delisted since it's now in good hands, but given that some of these people aren't exactly interested in talking to humans(!), I'm moving the site over to a clean IP.
    What does all this mean?  It means that you may not be able to see the site for a short time while the change propagates across the Intertubes.  Apologies for the inconvenience, but I don't want anybody thinking LiquidFractal is a spam site of any kind.
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