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Season's greetings, oh-so-brief updates and all that

Gord Barentsen


Maintaining a website isn't all the fame and glory it's made out to be. 🤔  Updates, troubleshooting, and server migrations - not to mention work assignments, tutoring, and research - have kept me quite busy for the past while, so apologies for not writing here sooner.

In the holiday season blogs are pretty much the last thing on people's minds, but I wanted to post some brief updates.  First of all, congratulations to Keigan for scoring in the 95.5th percentile on his STAT exam!  I wish I could take the credit as your tutor, but in the end it was all you!  Keigan is now looking at universities to study corporate law.  Feel free to stop by his profile and congratulate him!

LiquidFractal also welcomes its third academic group to the fold in the new year: the Dialectical Realism Research Group, headed by Brendan Cartmel.  I anticipate there will be more information on this research group coming up early next year.

I've also added several features to the site, which I'll talk about when I have the time.  In the interim, I'll just wish everybody happy holidays and a wonderful new year from LiquidFractal.


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Wow finally another blog post. :P

and congrats @Keigan..way to go mate (no idea though what a STAT exam is tho)

happy new year to everyone here too. (still recovering...)

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