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  1. Doesn't this assume that people are conscious and in control of their emotions? I think that's a very hard claim to make.
  2. estranger.


    A colleague of mine suggested I read some Jacques Lacan. She isn't my friend anymore....... Can someone please tell me what Lacan is on about? Maybe it's just me but I tried reading some of the Ecrits but he's just maddening to get through. And I haven't even gotten to his "algebra"....
  3. Am I the only one here who thinks that COVID-19 is a perfect example of how bad we are at recognizing Nature? (sorry but I'm still on my first coffee)
  4. @petrichor sorry to hear about your friend and i hope he's ok. all I can say is that i'm glad a vaccine is on the way (or several). i never thought i'd be so eager for things to return to normal!
  5. Essay Writing service?? I was goingt o say hello and good morning but you are oh so banned..
  6. @traumaturgist I'm not so sure about the religion part. Should we treat all religions as equal? and do all of them represent equal membership and investment in a western culture? I know this very easily opens up accusations of discrimination against religions, but they are different aren't they? wiith different investments in what a western culture is? I also disagree with the author's emphasis on the way a society "looks" which seems to want to promote a superficial understanding of issues without exploring them further.
  7. that's great news....congrats! 👍 The book chapter sounds particularly interesting. Can you say something more about it? I know Sartre has a volume on "Existential Psychology" so I wonder if your material has any bearing on how psychology relates more broadly to existentialism (or existential issues in general).
  8. That's amazing...I haven't tacked Either/Or yet but who is writing that exactly? I mean in Either/or since Kierkegaard was a pseudonymous writer? and why wouldn't memory instill hope? isn't that all we have for going forward into a future that we can't know?
  9. well right now I dabble in Sartre but without the time presently in my own existence to read anything heavy (oh, the irony)...more of the existentialist mindset in my own life right now. I have read some Kierkegaard though.
  10. estranger.

    boldface text

    Since I'm new here I thought I would ask: why is all my text in bold when I enter forums posts? I check the editor but the B isn't highlighted.
  11. No more video....yet another consciousness denied haha...
  12. hi everyone, I just thought i would post and say thank you to @Gord Barentsen for not only letting me join liquidfractal but also allowing me to host my blog on his server. so here's the shameless plug: existential.space – the language of somewhere else. WWW.EXISTENTIAL.SPACE for ramblings on politics, philosophy, the meaning of life, and some other rants and observations. maybe i will see some of you there!
  13. My favourite is "Total Revenue Generated by Arcades" correlates with "Computer Science Doctorates Awarded in the US" 😆 How random and spurious are these?
  14. OK i can't help but be a bit ambivalent over a big "Humanity" sign because I'm a cynical existentialist...but an existentialist I remain :book2:

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