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  1. Since this seems to be all over the news lately...should teenagers who have gone to fight with ISIS in Syria and are now pregnant be allowed to come home? I have my opinions but thought I'd throw it out there first...
  2. Ok so hwo do I add fancy header pics to forums posts and how can I get them to display correctly on my phone?
  3. Just for you @Gord Barentsen the games of CMRN KNZLMN | these are games for you to play HEYLOOKATMYGAMES.COM
  4. sorry but this guy doesn't get hegel at all...even I know that he (hegel) never used thesis-antithesis-synthesis. not to mention that trying to superimpose something so sophisticated on to Trump is heading for trouble.
  5. And here I was about to ask for pictures....and video! Although you could add yourself to the list of Australia's pouched mammals....
  6. traumaturgist

    Participants Needed!

    This is my absolute favourite pic in this gallery so far!
  7. traumaturgist

    frog salad

    How the hell...?
  8. sigh....BBT is ending soon. what a shame
  9. @Gord Barentsen since you've done so much travelling, why haven't you put up some of your pictures? I know you have a shit-ton of them so share with the class!
  10. Since you're now reading Hegel I thought you might find this interesting... Hegel And The Buddha in Popular Culture and Art, Part 1 (Dion Peoples) ESTHESIS.ORG The following is the first of a two-part series. The second installment can be found here. In the world today all culture, all literature and art belong to definite classes and are geared to defin…
  11. Why is there a cover image of Napoleon in this thread?
  12. Now you're talkin'! I don't know what that Aussie beer is like but the only way to avoid a hangover is to keep drinking, as they say.
  13. happy new year to everyone as well. i spent it watching shitty movies (celebrating Christmas time watching The Omen!) and drinking some nice wine. oh, and hi. I'm a renegade Canadian who's known @Gord Barentsen for years, and he's finally persuaded my social-media hating self to come along. don't expect memes from me either. lol
  14. just a mad scientist without all that science!

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