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  1. me too...guess it was fixed
  2. was going to comment on this earlier but your site booted me off. CONGRATULATIONS GORD!! No one deserves it more! Are you going to pop that champagne at long last?
  3. ruby


    Snake tail...or a wird scorpion tial with a stinger
  4. My name is 493rd and my biggest crime is burglary. Not too bad...I'll be out of jail before some of you
  5. OMG https://www.abebooks.com/docs/Community/Featured/found-in-books.shtml
  6. it's good to see an independent thinking person's bookstore still around in this day and age as for the Novales, i will take your word for it!
  7. but I mean how do we know that it doesn't have any bearing? maybe "serial-killer"ness is part of an evolutionary adaptation?
  8. that's great! congratulations Gord! You need a drinks emoji
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