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  1. I never really got the whole "penis envy" thing. Always seemed pretty sexist like a lot of Freud's ideas
  2. well i love zombie movies, and i'd watching literally anything with John Cusack in it so i am sold
  3. I have no idea how a city like that could be built in the middle of the desert either although the heat and sun would be great!
  4. hi sorry i haven't been around for a while family stuff.. wow I don't think i've ever heard anyone say the Tolkien movies were crap...i've seen them all many times and sometimes i'm too tired to stay up to watch all of them they're never crap. to each their own though
  5. Tegan Holmes


    Hi I am Tegan, i was told about you and this site from another one of the students you tutored (not sure if i should say his name lol)... i like creative writing and reading lots, particularly Tolkien and the Harry Potter saga.
  6. hey...you said in your 1st post that i can select text and have a Quote This button come up? .....how do i select text to have that button appear? thanks!
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