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About the discussion forums

Gord Barentsen

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About the discussion forums

The forums are where most of the real work is done between sessions!  Here is where I interact with students between sessions, offering insights and comments which they can access 24/7.  I can also post any useful information I come across which may be relevant to my students' interests or assignments.

Each forum post consists of a topic; topics which receive several replies become discussion threads, which allow students to dive deep into issues and carry on important discussions which remain in their Space as long as they're a client.  These threads can be used to prepare for written assignments as well as study for oral presentations and final exams.


How can students use the forums?

Motivated students can do lots with the forums!  They can:

  • Post questions about ideas arising from tutoring sessions or their English class
  • Post assignments and essay prompts for us to work on between (and during) sessions
  • Post research materials relating to their assignment(s)
  • Carry on detailed discussions to build a sophisticated body of knowledge about an issue

And much more!

Check out the sample discussion threads for more information about how the forums can work for you or your student!

When a book and a head collide and a hollow sound is heard, must it always have come from the book? -- Lichtenberg



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