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Long-term students are provided with a Learning Space - a private virtual area where my students and I can collaborate on assignments and projects. Learning Spaces are perfect for individual or group learning. Each Learning Space comes with a blog, discussion forums, a media gallery, and a file centre, and students can upload their own cover photo and make their Space theirs! Click on a menu button to learn more about each function! Meet Lydia Learner (our Leader, who can moderate content and add/delete members), James Testman (our Moderator, who can edit/delete content but cannot manage members), and Ima Student (who is a Space member).
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  2. Hi Ima, I've attached your essay with some edits and comments. I'll briefly summarise them here with some suggestions for the next version: Brilliant insight Another brilliant insight Yet another brilliant insight We can discuss these ideas some more in our next session. My Essay-EDITED.docx
  3. A great find, James!
  4. James Testman


    If you have just a few images, you don't even need an album - just upload them into your Media space!
  5. If you have just a few images, you don't even need an album - just upload them into your Media space!
  6. If you only have a few images, you don't even need to use an album!
  7. If you're working with other students in a group, they can also comment and quote your posts, adding insights on important ideas and concepts!
  8. A great image which gives me some new ideas for my argument! Thanks for uploading it 😄
  9. Hi there, I've finished my essay draft and was wondering if you could give me some feedback? My Essay.docx
  10. Here is my essay topic: In Twelve Angry Men, many jurors had personal beliefs or experiences which influenced their opinions. What were some of these beliefs and how did they effect the impartiality of the trial?
  11. Space members can comment on pictures and start conversations about how your media is relevant to your project!
  12. Click the Quote button to instantly quote your colleague's post in your response! You can also use the at-sign to notify individual members of your response. Just type the at-sign, then start typing the name of your colleague and their name will show up as a special label, like this: @James Testman. James will now be notified (via PM or email) of your response!
  13. Gord Barentsen

    Your Album

    You can organise your content into albums for easy access and study!
  14. From the album: Your Album

    A housefront caught in the sunlight.
  15. From the album: Your Album

    A beach at sunset.
  16. From the album: Your Album

    A rocky shore at midday.
  17. From the album: Your Album

    Add as many pictures as you want to your album and provide detailed descriptions which will help you study.
  18. About the discussion forums The forums are where most of the real work is done between sessions! Here is where I interact with students between sessions, offering insights and comments which they can access 24/7. I can also post any useful information I come across which may be relevant to my students' interests or assignments. Each forum post consists of a topic; topics which receive several replies become discussion threads, which allow students to dive deep into issues and carry on important discussions which remain in their Space as long as they're a client. These threads can be used to prepare for written assignments as well as study for oral presentations and final exams. How can students use the forums? Motivated students can do lots with the forums! They can: Post questions about ideas arising from tutoring sessions or their English class Post assignments and essay prompts for us to work on between (and during) sessions Post research materials relating to their assignment(s) Carry on detailed discussions to build a sophisticated body of knowledge about an issue And much more! Check out the sample discussion threads for more information about how the forums can work for you or your student!
  19. And of course, your tutor will be here to offer feedback and insights!
  20. Other members of the Learning Space (if any) can comment on blog posts as well.
  21. About the Blog The key to great writing - like with so many other things in life - is practice, practice, practice! Your Learning Space's blog can be used for informal journal writing, reflections on current events, or for keeping a work diary of ideas on your essay or project. Use the fully-equipped editor to change text colour and background, size, and font and give your writing the look you want! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris diam ipsum, mattis vitae mollis ut, lacinia ac ante. Integer vehicula at leo vitae molestie. Ut vehicula quis enim ut pharetra. Aenean cursus felis in vehicula luctus. Aliquam interdum ac purus non sollicitudin. Aliquam cursus ullamcorper ex id porta. Integer dapibus odio diam, eget vulputate ligula pellentesque sit amet. Vestibulum rhoncus sodales tortor quis blandit. Duis suscipit nunc tortor, a cursus dolor tempor in. Curabitur ut eros mi. Suspendisse potenti. Cras non enim arcu. Sed at vehicula nisl. Duis ultrices viverra risus, a aliquet nisi ultricies eu. Curabitur gravida elit lobortis ornare egestas. If you're writing an article-style composition, indent citations or quotes with blockquoting: Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia curae; Nullam iaculis lacinia consequat. Vivamus eu dictum mauris, at molestie urna. Nulla convallis orci facilisis, molestie felis eget, ornare ante. Mauris justo velit, sagittis sed bibendum vel, ultrices at nulla. Nam nec dolor quam. Duis malesuada tristique est, nec ultricies purus condimentum vitae. Vestibulum ultricies dui eu ipsum pretium, rutrum dignissim neque euismod. Phasellus ut pellentesque neque. Phasellus bibendum eros vitae orci convallis, sit amet tincidunt enim efficitur. Curabitur semper porttitor consectetur. Quisque nec lacus ultricies, fermentum dui ac, iaculis nunc. Aenean massa leo, tincidunt eu porttitor ut, facilisis at ante. Sed vitae augue in diam volutpat vehicula. Nullam massa lorem, consequat vitae est vitae, porttitor venenatis nunc. Morbi rutrum eros sit amet orci convallis, ac condimentum ipsum lobortis. Aliquam sed tellus lobortis, dictum ex nec, semper nulla. Sed a rhoncus quam. Curabitur eu tortor et ante maximus eleifend. Fusce eget massa enim. Mauris placerat, metus vitae feugiat mattis, dolor justo volutpat diam, a varius nunc enim ut magna. Orci varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. In ex tortor, venenatis hendrerit risus ac, pretium blandit neque. Aenean tincidunt mi quis posuere feugiat. Vestibulum lacinia dapibus mi a finibus. In ornare sapien sit amet turpis finibus, nec vehicula dolor convallis. Sed ac malesuada mi, vitae cursus arcu. Curabitur quam arcu, elementum quis convallis non, auctor faucibus nulla. Ut massa libero, efficitur quis augue sit amet, mollis egestas ante. Cras purus mauris, porttitor et enim non, rutrum interdum libero. Nulla ullamcorper fermentum nisl. Add some pictures by browsing them in from your computer, or just drag and drop 'em into your post! James Testman here! If you're part of a group using a Space, you can edit blog posts made by others to make collaboration really easy! Use different text colours to illustrate edits made by other Space members. Or, use text background colours to make your contribution stand out!

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