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  • Closed Space  ·  1 member

    A sample Workspace for you to get a sense of what functions are available and how they work.

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    Long-term students are provided with a Learning Space - a private virtual area where my students and I can collaborate on assignments and projects. Learning Spaces are perfect for individual or group learning. Each Learning Space comes with a blog, discussion forums, a media gallery, and a file centre, and students can upload their own cover photo and make their Space theirs! Click on a menu button to learn more about each function! Meet Lydia Learner (our Leader, who can moderate content and add/delete members), James Testman (our Moderator, who can edit/delete content but cannot manage members), and Ima Student (who is a Space member).

  • Closed Space  ·  6 members  ·  Last active

    The official online space for "Schelling and 'Philosophical Psychology'," a five-week summer course offered by the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy, Jan-Feb 2018

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