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LiquidFractal offers professional English tutoring, technical writing, proofreading, and editing services, as well as a community of individuals interested in the fun and stimulating exchange of ideas.  View the slides for more information!

High-calibre English Tutoring

Open up new possibilities for learning with professional tutoring in grammar, vocabulary, essay writing, literary studies, philosophy and theory...all with the help of an awarded, published English Ph.D. based in the Melbourne suburbs. I am familiar with the official VCAA literature list for the English VCE.

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Professional Technical Writing

Balance word and image with an experienced Instructional Designer who has written documentation for Fortune 500 companies and government departments.  I can decipher, document and describe your product to a wider audience.

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Editing and Proofreading

As a published writer who has edited and proofread everything from high-school essays to philosophy journals, doctoral dissertations and books, I will help you craft your document or project into a sophisticated and graceful argument or presentation.

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LiquidFractal is pleased to offer discussion forums, blogs and media galleries to serve a growing community of people interested in the fun and interesting exchange of ideas.  Have a reading group?  Host it here for free.  Nerds welcome!

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  • About the Holiday E-Voucher

    What is it?  Do I need one?  Should I get one just in case?

    Let’s face it – we’re all busy these days, and we all know what it feels like to have to work on that one day when we'd prefer to take it easy.  Our holidays are precious to us, but we can't always choose when to take them...sometimes we need to work on designated holidays to meet deadlines, satisfy clients, or get that essay or project in on time.

    That's where the Holiday E-Voucher comes in.


    What is it?

    As outlined in LiquidFractal's Terms of Registration, tuition-related sessions scheduled on designated holidays involve a surcharge.  The Holiday E-Voucher is a quick, one-click purchase which takes care of it!  Each E-Voucher pays the holiday surcharge for one session (regardless of duration) which is scheduled on a designated public holiday for Victoria, Australia, including (but not limited to):

    • Queen's Birthday (Victoria)
    • Easter weekend
    • ANZAC Day
    • Labour Day
    • Friday before AFL Grand Final
    • Melbourne Cup Day
    • Christmas Day (yes, I actually have had requests for this!)

    You can purchase E-Vouchers online at any time from the Store.


    Do I need one?

    You must purchase a Holiday E-Voucher tat least 24 hours before each session which falls on a designated Victorian holiday (E-Vouchers will automatically be applied as needed).  If you do not want to purchase an E-Voucher, you must either cancel your session or reschedule it for a non-holiday.

    NB:  If you don't purchase an E-Voucher at least 24 hours before your holiday session and do not reschedule or cancel that session in time, that session will be cancelled without notice.

    E-Vouchers are not required for designated holidays which are not observed in Victoria, Australia, e.g., The Royal Hobart Regatta, Adelaide Cup Day, Canberra Day.

    E-Vouchers do not apply to tuition groups, group consultations, group collaboration sessions, or non-tuition clients and should not be purchased for those reasons.  Holiday surcharges for group sessions are assessed on a case-by-case basis.


    Should I get one just in case?

    That depends on your work schedule and how often you think you'll need LiquidFractal's services over holiday periods.  Please be aware, however, that as there are no refunds on any hours packages or E-Vouchers once purchased, it is strongly recommended you purchase E-Vouchers on an as-needed basis (e.g., a week before).  As long as payment is processed in time, your holiday session will remain scheduled (if paying by bank transfer, please leave enough time for the payment to process).

    Please be aware that while LiquidFractal does its best to notify clients of their purchase needs, it is ultimately the client's responsibility to ensure that they have purchased the requisite hours and E-Vouchers for their needs.

    By purchasing an E-Voucher you understand and accept these terms of use.

    If you have any questions, please get in touch!

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