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  1. Am I the only one who thinks that James Bond movies are still off the shelf crap?
  2. ok, i'll bite....what are those assumptions?
  3. @chacheng OK but if we're part of Nature than maybe we can change this? steer Nature in other directions?
  4. That's really cool. i remember you telling me about the Aeolian (?) Harp that the Romantics talked about. This looks like some weird version of that!
  5. He's thinking "that cat's not there...i can't smell it...but its there" 😄 how uncanny!
  6. But are there examples where philosophy is poetry? Or poetry is philosophical?
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  9. Graham Barnett

    Participants Needed!

    I just don't believe i missed this one. brilliant!🤣
  10. I found this pretty interesting...use of space in some cases is, well, not what id want but innovative nevertheless! https://www.msn.com/en-au/money/homeandproperty/surreal-estate-the-world’s-most-unusual-properties/ss-AAxInOe?ocid=spartandhp#image=10
  11. yeah thats part of it but despite what atheists say there are different kinds with different beliefs...just like any religion 😄
  12. well i think there are some atheists who just think the world is larger than any science or ideology can explain...any real scientist will tell you that.
  13. well i'll never have any use for "lark" or "kingfisher" or the like but i do think its a shame that they are no longer included. just because im a city bloke with no knowledge of nature doesn't mean the children of the future should be..

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