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  1. Hmm well in the article the family says the baby is "innocent" and has the "right" to grow up in the UK. But this isn't the whole story is it?? because there is the question of whether or not that mother is separated from the child...and if she can't be, well who is to say she won't raise the child as a radical? There is no guarantee of that is there? So I say kick 'em back as well mate. the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
  2. That does look pretty psychedelic...makes me a bit dizzy
  3. That's truly amazing ...that shark looks positively Jokerish! 😲
  4. lol how long have you had this site? and you never thought to put up your travel pics?
  5. ah never mind mate it was just a sticky button on my laptop or something...works fine now.
  6. right now i'm using opera and when i click the picture icon nothing happens.
  7. Graham Barnett

    Good Grammar Is Went

    lol....I never caught "PIN Number" until I read it here.
  8. Hey Gord...can't change my background image when I click the picture icon at the top of the screen. am I missing something?
  9. Wow finally another blog post. and congrats @Keigan..way to go mate (no idea though what a STAT exam is tho) happy new year to everyone here too. (still recovering...)
  10. Am I the only one who thinks that James Bond movies are still off the shelf crap?
  11. ok, i'll bite....what are those assumptions?
  12. @chacheng OK but if we're part of Nature than maybe we can change this? steer Nature in other directions?
  13. That's really cool. i remember you telling me about the Aeolian (?) Harp that the Romantics talked about. This looks like some weird version of that!

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