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  1. Hope everyone is staying safe in life under COVID. How is everyone doing?
  2. Very cool...this saves the term "unique snowflake" for me which I began to hate when I heard it applied to everyone 😫
  3. A fractal generator which I thought is perfectly suitable for this site!
  4. Still reeling from the ScoMo debacle...

    what the hell just happened wtf GIF

  5. is there any reason I can't get in to POlitics & Religion? do I need to pay or apply for access?
  6. Congratulations...you book nerd you Seriously tough....that must be quite a feeling of vindication to have it accepted after all you went through (you told me some of the stories but I'm sure that is only the tip of the iceberg). you must be thrilled mate! when is it going to come out? you said next year but when?
  7. Hey @Gord Barentsen whats going on with the articles? i get errors when I try to read them.
  8. i had this problem once before. clearing the cache helped i think. PS it doesn't seem to be happening with me at the current time - text looks the way it should
  9. Brilliant news. Why aren't you posting some of your research here? Not to rip off your publishers of course, but maybe give people a taste of what you do.
  10. Your site looks good (if empty)....waht do you read if I may ask?
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