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  • A busy publishing year is ahead so VCE English tutoring positions are limited! Please contact me for more details.
  • Romantic Metasubjectivity has been officially accepted for publication by Routledge!
  • I have been invited to contribute to the forthcoming Palgrave-Macmillan Handbook of German Idealism and Poststructuralism. Click HERE for more details.
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Great news!  Romantic Metasubjectivity: Rethinking the Romantic Subject through Schelling and Jung
has been officially accepted for publication by Routledge!  Click here to read more.



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  1. Congratulations...you book nerd you Seriously tough....that must be quite a feeling of vindication to have it accepted after all you went through (you told me some of the stories but I'm sure that is only the tip of the iceberg). you must be thrilled mate! when is it going to come out? you said next year but when?
  2. @estranger. yes all religions are equal but you can't prejudge how they are going to function in culture. religions don't exist apart from the actions of their individuals or even of their sub-groupings. and i think "looks are important" b/c a society's image does influence how other people will react tot that culture. sorry...morning coffee (and yes i know it's noon) and i'm sick. 🤧
  3. Hey @Gord Barentsen whats going on with the articles? i get errors when I try to read them.
  4. i had this problem once before. clearing the cache helped i think. PS it doesn't seem to be happening with me at the current time - text looks the way it should
  5. Brilliant news. Why aren't you posting some of your research here? Not to rip off your publishers of course, but maybe give people a taste of what you do.
  6. Your site looks good (if empty)....waht do you read if I may ask?
  7. maybe it's a permissions thing? you should try messing around wtih options in the Sandbox.
  8. There's a reason why some call him Witch Hazel...🧙‍♀️
  9. LOL! 🤣 This YouTuber Owned Package Thieves with a Genius Glitter Bomb Fart Trap WWW.VICE.COM He spent about six months designing a bait package that, when opened, douses thieves in super-fine glitter and fart spray—and records the whole thing.
  10. How dare you insinuate that America's great leader is anything less than "simply capital" as the brits would say 😁
  11. I wonder if anyone here (aside from @Graham Barnett) thinks that Trump's impending demise is part of the revelation of absolute Knowledge in history? Hamilton: President Trump and the hegelian dialectic (column) | SkyHiNews.com WWW.SKYHINEWS.COM For those who slept through Philosophy 101, George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a 19th century German philosopher who taught that the human mind cannot understand anything unless it can
  12. What about Readings and Robinsons?? Readings.com.au WWW.READINGS.COM.AU Readings — independent Australian retailers and online merchants of fine books, music and film. Robinsons Bookshop WWW.ROBINSONSBOOKS.COM.AU Robinsons Bookshop Online Bookstore.
  13. Ahh they're not so bad. They still have the hot chick factor which suits me fine. it depends on whether or not you're talking about the early JB movies which were shite! I liked Skyfall the best tho...however if you want the real goods for spy movies you can't beat the Bourne series... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UeMY731118
  14. I always thought that atheists were simply defined by the lack of belief in a personified God.

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