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  1. I always thought that atheists were simply defined by the lack of belief in a personified God.
  2. I've seen DP2 and it's hilarious! I realise how useless this post is since I refuse to give up spoilers, but I suggest everyone here go and see it!
  3. is it really so wrong to be drunk on a Tuesday?

  4. this would be my question...how do you have a relationship with something that at best only indirectly speaks your language of symbols (if we assume it speaks at all)?
  5. NotWithoutMyOntic

    Good Grammar Is Went

    I don't get "I'm well, thank you"...?
  6. What a great work of art!
  7. ok since I know there are some techies here i thought i'd ask about a good VPN option for my partner and I to go with?
  8. https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Carl_Sagan i thought this was hella interesting...there isn't enough conversation about the scientists out there who do not consider themselves atheists. or what exactly atheism is anyway... some choice quotes from this page:
  9. So i tried out your Fluid Forums view option and the list of forums at the right side of the screen is invisible. other than that I like that idea a lot - being able to choose your favourite forums and have the topic list be only from those forums.
  10. but that's its appeal isn't it? watching the cheesiness of it unfold? i always see it as a relic of a bygone time when you could still get away with traditional sexual roles and off-colour male-bonding remarks. no way a film like that could be made now in the Age of Offense (not that I'm saying it should)
  11. oy, thought I'd wish everyone a Merry Christmas but in this PC age was wondering if I should even say anything about Person Christmas Anyway happy holidays (the safest thing to say!) to everyone!
  12. Gord i read this today and thought of you, even though you're a Canuck https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/dec/24/the-difficulty-is-the-point-teaching-spoon-fed-students-how-to-really-read figured i would just point out my favourite quotes from this article so you can suss out the general argument: (I can attest to that one above!) and maybe one of my faves: happy [insert your favourite nondiscriminatory holiday word here]!
  13. nah....we def. need more zombies....or is that for the space now?

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