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  • A busy publishing year is ahead so VCE English tutoring positions are limited! Please contact me for more details.
  • Romantic Metasubjectivity has been officially accepted for publication by Routledge!
  • I have been invited to contribute to the forthcoming Palgrave-Macmillan Handbook of German Idealism and Poststructuralism. Click HERE for more details.
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  • LiquidFractal is always evolving, and your opinion matters! Please post your thoughts and feedback in the Suggestions forum.
  • Congratulations to Keigan for scoring in the 95.5th percentile on his STAT university entrance exam!
  • Want to schedule tuition or a project meeting? Please use the Availability Schedule as a guide to see my whereabouts on a given day.
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Great news!  Romantic Metasubjectivity: Rethinking the Romantic Subject through Schelling and Jung
has been officially accepted for publication by Routledge!  Click here to read more.

  • LiquidFractal Public Humanities

    The LiquidFractal Public Humanities (PH) initiative, like many others of its kind, aims to create dialogue between academics and culture in general and, in so doing, break down the unproductive and harmful distinction between "ivory tower academia" and thinking people outside the academy.

    The ongoing goal is to demonstrate that the insights of Arts & Humanities scholarship are valid and pertinent to everyone, and that these ideas can enrich everyday life by providing people with different perspectives and possibilities for relating to their experience and knowledge.

    Any member of LiquidFractal can post articles here.

    Please note that these are unfinished and in-progress works meant to stimulate discussion, and as such they should not be cited in any other work, certainly not without permission.  By reading these articles you assert the moral rights of the author.

    If material here is accepted for publication, links to the finished and citable works will be provided wherever possible.  Feel free to contact the author for more information.

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