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  2. I'm also wondering about Benjamin's relationship to Romanticism...I know some writers on the political left have traditionally criticised Romanticism for being (at best) apolitical and (at worst) supporting fascist ideologies which tend to be about blood and soil (nice organic Romantic things 😉). Of course this is a pretty radical reduction of Romanticism, but...
  3. I don't know a lot about Benjamin, but I suspect that by "aesthetics" he means the poeticization of the political. So by that I think he has in mind the massive rallies in Nazi Germany with thousands of troops marching in unison, the swastikas everywhere, the uniformity of the architecture and so forth.
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  5. lol....just kidding. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I know I have been an absentee landlord around here but I've been busy with project deadlines and bla bla bla. Will be around a bit more in the future when things settle down a bit. In the meantime....you guys are simply wonderful for helping support the public side of the site by showing up and contributing when you can. Thanks! ❤️
  6. chacheng

    Picture 7

    I really like this one but don't really know why! like some alien listening mechanism or something..
  7. But don't people choose to be intimidated?
  8. traumaturgist

    Picture 6

    dude...if this is Aboriginal in design then it's almost like Aboriginal art meets alien crop circles!
  9. Hey it's your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🍰 (couldn't find the birthday cake lol)
  10. so i assume this guy was writing in WW 2 but what's wrong with aesthetics in modern life? didn't the Romantics want us to see art in the everyday? i agree with @NotWithoutMyOntic not sure what this guy is on about
  11. Since it's your birthday.....happy birthday @Gord Barentsen!
  12. A colleague of mine saw this and passed it along to me and it seems very fitting for you @Gord Barentsen !! (not because you write erotica tho 😄) How my erotic article sparked a witch hunt WWW.TES.COM A raunchy article that he'd written for a website landed Guy Doza in trouble at school. Now he asks: do we have to surrender civil liberties to become teachers?
  13. Very cool...this saves the term "unique snowflake" for me which I began to hate when I heard it applied to everyone 😫
  14. A fractal generator which I thought is perfectly suitable for this site!
  15. Hogwash. DOnt we already have aesthetics everywhere in life? rituals? i can think of a million things wrong with this perspective which seems to take a narrow view on what "aesthetics is! Not everyone who has daily "rituals" is succumbing to a fascist will.
  16. Gord Barentsen


    Tutoring session (online)
  17. Gord Barentsen


    Skype session (1 hr.)
  18. Universities must accept China's directives on Confucius Institutes, contracts reveal Universities must accept China's directives on Confucius Institutes, contracts reveal WWW.SMH.COM.AU Previously undisclosed contracts between Australian universities and the Chinese government reveal varying approaches to safeguarding academic autonomy. The first paragraph says it all "Australian universities hosting Chinese government-funded education centres have signed agreements explicitly stating they must comply with Beijing's decision-making authority over teaching at the facilities."
  19. Gord Barentsen

    Melbourne Street Paintings

    Some enigmatic street painting I found on the streets of Melbourne earlier this year. They look Aboriginal, but I'm not sure of their origin.
  20. The logical result of Fascism is the introduction of aesthetics into political life. The violation of the masses, whom Fascism, with its Führer cult, forces to their knees, has its counterpart in the violation of an apparatus which is pressed into the production of ritual values. --Walter Benjamin, "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"
  21. Cool! Discovered: Lord Byron’s Copy of Frankenstein Signed by Mary Shelley | Open Culture WWW.OPENCULTURE.COM The story behind the writing of Frankenstein is famous. In 1816, Mary Shelley and Percy Bysshe Shelley, summering near Lake Geneva in Switzerland, were challenged by Lord Byron to take part in a competition...
  22. Gord Barentsen


    Frankston (online session)
  23. Maybe but people arent open to dialogue anymore about subtletys in language. No one has the patience. so is it worth trying to convince people? or is it better just to get rid of the phrase and find other ways?
  24. I think its important for everyone to remember that language has a history. the age seems to be marked by authoritarian powers who want to insinuate control over as much of public life as they can, and this usually begins with either abolishing or rewriting history (including "Make America Great Again," which invokes and at the same time erases a mythical Golden Age of American history). This includes attempts to make language static, which does a lot to close down discussion and particularly discussion which reminds us that things change. Look at the word "nigger." That word obviously has a huge emotional charge in America, but it has also been re-appropriated in the last few decades to point to something other than its pejorative meaning (the obvious example: in hip hop and gangsta rap "nigga" tends to mean a fellow black person or gang member or...you get the picture). As you all know I'm an old-fashioned political crank in this respect who is totally in favour of hitting people over the head with these kinds of things, so I support the phrase in the spirit of having dialogue about it.
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