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  1. In: Fractal Tree Generator

    By Gord Barentsen, 03/09/19

    Awesome!  Even more so because it doesn't have rainbow colours or tigers or unicorns like so much of the fractal stuff out there! 😎

  2. In: Snowflakes

    By NotWithoutMyOntic, 09/08/19

    Very cool...this saves the term "unique snowflake" for me which I began to hate when I heard it applied to everyone 😫

  3. In: Mandelbrot Fractal Animation

    By Graham Barnett, 16/02/19

    That does look pretty psychedelic...makes me a bit dizzy 

  4. In: Rush - Limelight

    By NotWithoutMyOntic, 31/12/18

    There's a reason why some call him Witch Hazel...🧙‍♀️

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