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Testimonials: Tutoring

3 testimonials

  1. great tutor

    Very good teaching style and depth knowledge

    Submitted 21-11-2018 by jit in Testimonials: Tutoring
  2. Excellent tutoring, professional and personable

    Gord has been invaluable in improving my essays and development of ideas for University preparation. He has given me great, professional feedback and our sessions have always been enjoyable.

    Keigan student
    Submitted 16-10-2018 by Keigan in Testimonials: Tutoring
  3. Tutoring client

    Gord is probably the best tutor i have ever had.  His attention to detail in editing my writing is downright frustrating at times when he points out there are two spaces in between words where there should be one or vice versa, but in the end my papers come out looking professional and with a crystal clear flow.  I wish I could write as well as he can!

    Graham Barnett
    Submitted 02-11-2017 by Graham Barnett in Testimonials: Tutoring

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