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  1. A Skilled and Dedicated Technical Writer

    Gord has been a partner of Nevada Learning Series for years, and has regularly proven his ability to both understand the technical aspects of software, and write to our company's standard and voice. 

    Despite a significant geographical (and time zone) gap, we've never had issues with working on a timeline, or meeting deadlines. Gord's work has been consistent throughout our partnership, and any editorial feedback is well received and swiftly implemented.

    If you're looking for a skilled and dedicated freelance technical writer, you're in the right place!

    Shane Laros Production Lead - Nevada Learning Series http://www.nlearnseries.com
  2. great tutor

    Very good teaching style and depth knowledge

    Submitted 21-11-2018 in Testimonials: Tutoring
  3. Excellent tutoring, professional and personable

    Gord has been invaluable in improving my essays and development of ideas for University preparation. He has given me great, professional feedback and our sessions have always been enjoyable.

    Keigan student
    Submitted 16-10-2018 in Testimonials: Tutoring
  4. I've been contemplating writing a testimonial for some time, but since I've never been a LiquidFractal client I felt there was no space for me to do so.  Then I found a space for general website testimonials so I wanted to give my thoughts here.

    I know there are lots of websites with forums and blogs out there but I think Gord Barensten deserves a lot of credit for what he is trying to accomplish here with an "Open Learning" website.  how many people with PhDs would bother with such a thing?  He runs tutoring from the website yes but he also tries as much as possible to share his vast philosophical knowledge and interest in language and literature with everyone who chooses to sign up.

    i am sure having a website is difficult, I don't visit as often as i should, but when I do drop by i love the LOOK of the website, the character of the descriptive text (has anyone stopped to appreciate the philosophy forum description? 😄) and in short this is a website which deserves a wide audience of academics and nonacademics alike.

    You're the man Gord and don't stop with the site - its incredibly unique and needs to be out there!

    Submitted 30-06-2018 in Testimonials: LiquidFractal
  5. Tutoring client

    Gord is probably the best tutor i have ever had.  His attention to detail in editing my writing is downright frustrating at times when he points out there are two spaces in between words where there should be one or vice versa, but in the end my papers come out looking professional and with a crystal clear flow.  I wish I could write as well as he can!

    Graham Barnett
    Submitted 02-11-2017 in Testimonials: Tutoring

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