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Welcome to LiquidFractal.

LiquidFractal provides professional English tutoring, technical writing, proofreading, and editing services, as well as a community of individuals interested in the fun and stimulating exchange of ideas. Click through the next windows to find out more about what LiquidFractal can do for you!

High-calibre English Tutoring

Open up new possibilities for learning with professional tutoring in grammar, vocabulary, essay writing, literary studies, philosophy and theory...all with the help of an awarded, published English Ph.D. based in the Melbourne suburbs. I am familiar with the VCAA official literature list for the English VCE.
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Professional Technical Writing

Balance word and image with an experienced Instructional Designer who has written documentation for Fortune 500 companies and government departments. I can decipher, document and describe your product to a wider audience.
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Editing and Proofreading

As a published writer who has edited and proofread everything from high-school essays to philosophy journals, doctoral dissertations and books, I will help you craft your document or project into a sophisticated and graceful argument or presentation.
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Join Our Community

LiquidFractal is pleased to offer discussion forums, blogs and media galleries to serve a growing community of people interested in the fun and interesting exchange of ideas. Have a reading group? Host it here for free. Nerds welcome!

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  • Professional Tutoring: Terms of Service

    In addition to the Terms of Registration and other website policies, Tutoring Clients accept the following Terms of Service:

    • LiquidFractal[1] accepts payment in Australian Dollars (AUD).  All tutoring fees are payable in advance (or, in the case of in-person tutoring blocks, in cash at time of meeting) and are non-refundable.  Online Tutoring Packages will be activated upon receipt and confirmation of payment.
    • It is the Tutor Client's responsibility to make efficient use of the tools and insights gained from LiquidFractal's tutoring service.  While I make any and every attempt to help Tutor Clients achieve a positive outcome, LiquidFractal assumes no responsibility for negative outcomes, test or exam scores.
    • Please confine your essay, homework or project-related questions and concerns to your Learning Domain.  Posting project-specific questions in the public forums will result in the post being moved or possibly deleted.
    • After a Tutor Client's subscription period has ended, their status on the website will revert from Tutor Client to Member.  They can post/respond to messages and otherwise participate in the community, but will no longer be able to access their private Learning Domain or any other benefits/areas specific to Tutor Clients.  Resuming tutoring services will restore access to the Tutor Client's existing private resources.[2]
    • LiquidFractal's public forums are online spaces which encourage debate and the exchange of ideas.  As such, you recognise that the ideas and opinions expressed on LiquidFractal are not necessarily those of the owner/s and/or Administrator/s.
    • LiquidFractal reserves the right to suspend or cancel, immediately and without notice, the Online Tutoring Package and/or site account of any person whose payment is refused for any reason.  In such cases, access to the person's existing on-site content is left solely to the discretion of the Administrator.  Payment of contracted fees may be necessary to restore access to existing content.
    • With the exception of in-person tutoring sessions, my contact with Tutor Clients is conducted exclusively through this website and its affiliate sites, if any.  If necessary, phone calls and email must be arranged with me in advance through this site.  I will not respond to any phone calls or emails I receive regarding project/essay tutoring that have not been prearranged.
    • Any breaches of website rules and policies (including but not limited to: abusive behaviour, posting of illegal content, plagiarism, posting of copyrighted material without permission) may result in the Tutor Client being permanently banned.  If banned, fees will not be refunded.
    • Like all websites, LiquidFractal endeavours to provide as close to 100% uptime as possible.  However, we take no responsibility for acts of God, server-side issues, DDOS attacks or any other unforeseen events affecting client access to the site.  There may also be brief downtime for software upgrades and site backups.  I will do everything possible to notify clients in a timely manner of foreseeable downtime through front-page announcements and/or email news (please add liquidfractal.org to your email whitelist).
    • If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch using the website's Contact form or send the Administrator a Private Message.



    1. ^ For the purposes of these Terms of Service, "LiquidFractal" is synonymous with "owner" and "Admnistrator."  "Tutor Client" refers to the individual making use of LiquidFractal's services, who may be different from the purchaser of said services.
    2. ^ LiquidFractal reserves the right to delete old Tutor Client materials without notice.  If you have questions, please contact the Administrator.

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