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  • Professional English Tutoring

    Whether you're in nursing, psychology, literary studies, the STEM disciplines, fine arts, economics, or accounting, you need the ability to express your ideas clearly and logically.  Learning about how your language works is one of the most practical things youcan do — effective language convinces people to listen to your ideas, arguments and opinions, and yes, even hire you.

    That's where I come in!  As a Ph.D. in English with a proven publication and editing history, I offer professional online tutoring combined with customised online resources to help you develop your essay or project into a first-rate product.

    Here are just some of the skills I help all of my clients develop:


    Secondary and Tertiary English Preparation

    I work regularly with VCE English students in Victoria; I have also worked with TCE (Tasmania) and QCE (Queensland) students.  I have extensive experience in helping students with assessed content at every level; LiquidFractal's personalised Learning Spaces are very successful in helping students assemble multimedia content for their essay or project under my direction as tutor.


    Academic English

    Academic English is a formal, critical writing style that is absolutely necessary for university-level writing assignments of all kinds.  Academic English combines a field's specialised vocabulary with the clear and logical expression of ideas, and writing a high-calibre project or essay demands both of these skills.  My training as a post-doctoral scholar will help you build the vocabulary and writing skills you need to develop your unique intellect and voice.


    Critical Reading Skills

    Reading is one thing; reading critically is another!  To write high-calibre papers and projects, you need to know how to focus on the project or task at hand.  What is the essay topic or assignment asking you to do?  What are the main ideas, arguments, and assumptions of what you're reading?

    Not everything you read is written clearly...this means you'll need to know how to extract the main points of an argument and respond to them.  I will help you focus on core ideas - and critiquing those core ideas - and teach you how to build your essay or argument around your assignment's important issues and concepts.


    For more information, please read the FAQs below.


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