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    To get in touch, your best bet is to use the Contact link provided at the bottom of every page.  If you're a registered Member or Client, you can also send me a Private Message (PM).  Either of these options is better than phone (which I don't give out except under special circumstances) or email (which I don't give out simply because I get lots of email and your message will almost certainly get buried).  Moreover, by using Contact or PM I am instantly notified of your message and can get to it as soon as possible.

    If you want to send something via good old fashioned snailmail, please address it to:

    LiquidFractal Learning
    PO Box 11157
    Frankston, VIC 3199



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About LiquidFractal

LiquidFractal is a proudly nerdified, independently owned and operated website which is unaffiliated with any educational institution.  Aside from its existence as a professional teaching, learning, writing and research site, LiquidFractal is an online environment where our members negotiate cerebral issues, blood-boiling passionate debate, politically incorrect nonsense, breathtaking hilarity and the requisite minimum number of memes and funny cat pictures required to exist online in the 21st century.  Oh...and zombies.

Please click About for more information on the site's concept.  Click the Professional Services tab to learn more about what LiquidFractal can do for you!

LiquidFractal, ABN 14 381 107 723.


    To contact the site owner about the website, or to inquire about tutoring, editing, research, or other professional services, please use the Contact link at the bottom of this page, or register/sign in and send a Private Message to Gord Barentsen. All correspondence is directly through this website; other methods (e.g., email, phone) must be arranged via PM.

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