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Points systems for Tutor Client referrals and general site contribution/participation.

These points will be redeemable for tutoring services and/or other things in the future.

In Circulation:
CP : 170 points

Contribution Points

Points earned by Members for authentic contribution to the site in either public or private forums or areas: answering questions, posting interesting and engaging material, and making constructive suggestions about the site as a whole.

Member Group Net Worth
Administrator 100
Tutor Client 60
In Circulation:
TH : 4.0 hours

Tuition Hours

In-person tuition hours earned through referrals, advance purchase or other methods.

Member Group Net Worth
Administrator 0
Member 0
Tutor Client 2.5
In Circulation:
SH : 1.0 hour

Skype Hours

Online (Skype) hours.

Member Group Net Worth

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