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  • So...how is life under COVID?

    Just wondering how everyone is doing under COVID life.

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    Well, I'm buried under a pile of preparatory reading (as always) for my next writing project.  To be honest, COVID didn't change that much for me - I was an academic shut-in before and that's continued largely unchanged. :$

    It's still a bit strange to see the streets still deserted, even if things seem subliminally geared towards a re-opening (at least that's what the reno work and lights on in storefronts behind locked doors seem to suggest).


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    good to hear that people are still alive and well after a time away.

    things here have been better...muy friend's caught COVID and he's afraid that he's given it to his whole family (including his 5 yr-old daughter).  He's understandable freaking out right now and at his wit's end because he's been reading about all the symptoms after COVID, what I think some Canadian researchers have begun to call the "long-hauler" conditions.

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    @petrichor, I'm so sorry to hear about this.  Where does your friend live?  Now America I hope...unfortunately, that place is a disaster and not getting better anytime soon.

    I wish I could say more, but all I can really do is wish your friend well in these crazy times.  I hope he and his family are all right.

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