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Welcome to the CPRG forums (& tips)

Gord Barentsen

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Hello @CPRG,

Welcome to the CPRG forums!  This is where most of the talking and discussion goes on.

A few tips:

  1. Click Follow in interesting topics/threads to be kept up to date on replies and new posts.
  2. To quote a post in your reply simply click Quote.  If you want to quote a specific passage from a post, simply hold down your mouse button and select the text you want to quote - a "Quote this" button will appear.  Click it to insert your chosen text into your reply.
  3. You can drag and drop images into posts and replies - they will appear at the present cursor location.
  4. To reference a specific person in your post, use the at-sign (@) followed by their name, e.g., @Gord Barentsen.  Doing this will send the person in question a notification (private message or email, depending on their settings) that they've been mentioned.
  5. To address everyone in the CPRG in your post, click the Group Mentions button beneath your reply window and select CPRG.  This will insert a reference to the CPRG where your cursor is and everyone in the CPRG with notifications enabled will be notified of this entry.  Hint: do this at the very beginning or end of your post, or work it into your prose.

That's it for now.  Any questions, just ask!


When a book and a head collide and a hollow sound is heard, must it always have come from the book? -- Lichtenberg



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