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Jaws...like, really?


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So (don't ask) I find myself watching Jaws as we speak.  I think  I saw oart of it a long, long time ago but it's essentially like a new movie for me.

Now everyone calls this movie a classic...but am I the only one who sees this film as proof that a movie can absolutely suck and still be considered a "classic"??  Terrible acting, terrible editing, terrible plot...don't get me started.

And yeah i know it was made in 1975, but it this really something we want to be considered one of the best theatrical productions of our species?


not to mention that mechanical shark...with the rubber teeth! 🦈

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but that's its appeal isn't it?  watching the cheesiness of it unfold?

i always see it as a relic of a bygone time when you could still get away with traditional sexual roles and off-colour male-bonding remarks.  no way a film like that could be made now in the Age of Offense (not that I'm saying it should)

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