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Gord Barentsen

Welcome to rhlangan!

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give a warm welcome to our newest member: @rhlangan, a colleague of mine from the Holism conference who has kindly opted to join our eclectic little circle.  rhlangan does work in Jung, Deleuze and Spinoza, and you can find the abstract of his conference paper in the Holism blog abstracts attachment.

Welcome again!


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Thanks for the welcome! And I was actually going to go with Buddy Christ, but this picture of Jesus holding a roll of Mentos is an old message board stand by for me, so i figured to use it for old times sake. 

In case if anyone's wondering, I'm an independent scholar who did his Masters in Jungian Studies at University of Essex. I had the pleasure of meeting @Gord Barentsen at a conference on Jung, Deleuze and Holism last week, and he kindly invited me to take part in your community here. Look forward to many interesting discussions to come! 

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On 9/15/2017 at 6:04 PM, Graham Barnett said:

LOL i didnt know what Buddy Christ was till i googled it


get with the times buddy...christ 9_9

@rhlangan welcome mate..have enjoyed your posts thus far even tho they remind me of all the phil. i have yet to read!

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